Kaskelott – Vagabonds


Kaskelott – Vagabonds

By Evelyne Arends

This incredible Swedish musical quartet moves with a sweet spirit and happy, uplifting and danceable music and “life story” lyrics that lift the heart. Kaskelott, hailing from Scandinavia’s’ musical Capital of Gothenburg, Sweden and together since their teenage years, plays their signature sound by drawing from a diverse set of musical influences. They have a joyful and inspiring impression on me.

The members of Kaskelott have continuously strived to go their own way, both musically and individually. Despite their Gothenburg roots, Kaskelott never adopted the famous indie-sound that’s associated with the City, but instead opted to explore different musical terrains.

Their US experiences have been greatly and inviting. The band matured and developed while performing live with a very good response from local club owners. The performances in the US seemed spark further enthusiasm and popularity among fans and prompted a loyal following.

In 2014, new music was recorded in Stockholm with lyrical themes covering inclusion and exclusion, confessions on the tram, jumps from cliffs by the sea, and ruins that should be left in ashes.

The stories take place during feverish summer nights under the falling cherry blossoms in Tokyo while basking in a blanket of soothing moonlight. What better place to be? They have the pulse of New York and the honesty of a personal diary.

Creating authentic and meaningful music is their greatest ambition, and that is easy to find in their repertoire. While they seek to discover melody without compromising integrity that is contagious, they are honestly out of the genre box.

The great response from fans is not a surprise. While the first single from the Stockholm recordings, “Vagabonds”, was released on June 19th, the second single, “Pompeii”, will be released later this summer. And while the newest recordings are being done in the legendary Svenska Grammofon Studion, at this moment, we can only be very, very curious!!!

Photo by Anna Karlsson

Author: blackonthecanvas

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