By Carolyn Vallejo

The first thing you’ll hear about this band is that they are friends with Mumford & Sons. And the first thing you’ll notice about Wyland’s music is that such a friendship definitely doesn’t hide in its sound.

But there is more to this band than a general folksy tone and the familiar lead acoustic guitar, and there was no better song than “Wait” for Wyland to choose for their coming-out first music video.

Shot under starry lights over run-down walls, the video for “Wait” sets an ideal scene for a song filled with both playful stomping and a tinge of sorrow in singer Ryan Sloan’s timbre. Such a juxtaposition is representative of Wyland’s discography: powerful yet delicate and clear, uplifting and still heartbreaking, familiar though raw and imperfect enough to have not lost its genuineness.

These features are amplified on “Wait,” whose handclaps and bare rim hits egg-on the goose bumps. The single is pure, with Sloan gently swooning about how monumental a vivacious love can be. Then the horns make their entrance like an amateur victory song, and you’re just begging for Wyland to play this live – as their encore, so the crowd can leave the venue on a high for the rest of the night.

The song kicks off Wyland’s EP “You’re In The World, Get Off Your Feet,” an album that already shows sophistication from earlier releases. Track “Shine” is especially endearing, with piano reminiscent of the airiness of Coldplay, while a quick prelude shows off the band’s spirit of combining beautiful tones with darker moods. Closer “Everything We Have” leaves listeners with that cinematic, conflicting feeling of sadness and peace.

This internal conflict is what gives Wyland such a strong sense of gravitas, even for a band just a few years old. And even this early in the game the group have shared the stage with musicians that share the same mix of grit and romance felt in Wyland’s music: Alabama Shakes, the Vaccines, and less obvious pairs including Taking BackSunday and Everclear.


Author: blackonthecanvas

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