Interview with Charming Liars

Charming Liars

By Coral Rowley

Charming Liars is a band of believers. This four man band, originally from London, had such a belief in their music that they were willing to pack up their lives and move across the world. They released their first four track EP, New Disorder in October of 2013 and have been on an upward path since. Their sophomore EP, We Won’t Give Up, is filled with catchy, hopeful songs that are easy to become addicted to.

The bravery it took to make the move to LA is very present in their new single, Burn. While different from their past songs, it contains a boldness that only comes from people who really know what it’s like to start again from scratch. After everything, this is a band who doesn’t slow down and definitely doesn’t give up.

Charming Liars


First, a little background. Where did you guys meet? Were you looking to form a band, or rather, did it just happen?

Karnig Manoukian: Charlie and I went to school together and wanted to play music. So we started jamming our favorite covers and from there we started writing awful “rock” songs… That’s when we met Mike and it all went on from there 🙂

You all obviously love music. What was the pivotal moment, after coming together as a band, where you decided to move to LA to pursue your music?

Karnig: I think it was the fact that a few producers and industry folks took interest in us and pleaded with us to come out to LA to get a feel of things. And once we did it was a no brainer.

A lot of people have moved great distances to follow their dreams. Was failure ever an option, or were you all hell bent on making it work?

Karnig: We still haven’t made it obviously, so we’re still hell bend on making it work. We’ve all made a lot of sacrifices to commit to it so hopefully we can  one day look back and say it was all worth it.

What are your definitions of success? Have you had that moment where you know the band has made it? What was it?

Karnig: My definition of success is being able to play to people every night and make a living out of it. Doing what we love most – playing live in a different city every night – and being able to support ourselves; and in the future, our families. And no we haven’t that moment yet 🙂

What are some themes you hope people find in your music? What do you want people to take away from it?

Karnig: I think every song has a different message. Whether it surrounds personal relationships , drug abuse , family issues or just hardships in life – there’s always a positive message that is portrayed and I think we want people to take that message and react to it however they want. Lyrically and musically what we want is people to just react.

Especially on the New Disorder EP, there is a strong sense of overcoming the harshness of life. Is this inspired by someone in particular?

Karnig: It’s inspired by harshness in some of our own personal lives as well as things we see around us.

How does your new single, Burn, compare to your past songs? How is it different?

Karnig: It’s definitely a bit more progressive and experimental. We’ve come to a point where we want to examine other musical aspects that we haven’t done in the past. We’re definitely a band that believes in evolving and Burn is a good example of bringing in new ideas but at the same time keeping the chorus a sing along as possible.

What do you hope comes out of Burn? What is your next step as a band?

Karnig: The most we can hope for is getting this song to new fans that haven’t heard about us before. Reaching new music listeners is the only way we can gauge when and how we’re progressing. Burn was a kind of closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. We’ve finished the recording our next EP and we’re shooting a music video for the new single and it’ll be unleashed in the coming months!

The music video is very interesting; very colorful. What was that like to film, and do you believe it does the song justice?

Karnig: Hopefully it does the song justice! It was one night in downtown LA and we had all sorts of characters come down to be in the video and I think it looks sweet! 🙂

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