DF3 – “City Lights”

DF3-“City Lights”

By Carolyn Vallejo

Professionally-trained musicians looking to start a band used to scoff at electronica. But with the ability to produce previously unheard of sounds with unprecedented precision in tempo and pitch, the computer today can be a music-maker’s paradise.

It’s only a guess, but maybe that’s why the three guys of DF3 found their collaborations so alluring. The group’s Brooklynite members – Lino, Joe and Coa – are professionally trained and decided last year to give this whole electo-pop thing a go.

DF3’s first release last year was produced by the guys themselves, but was mixed with a helping hand from a few experts in the genre, including Dave Bascombe (who has worked with acts like Chromeo and Depeche Mode) and Chris Zane (who has produced for Passion Pit and Friendly Fires).

These aren’t newcomers, folks, and DF3 have easily proven they are worthy of such a team. The group already released “Gotta Run,” a funky, modern track whose whispery vocals include a touch of sentimentality. Then there was “Tell Me,” a digital ballad more sentimental than the other.

Now, DF3 have a new single, “City Lights,” and it’s far more aggressively danceable and catchy than their previous releases. The song has the unequivocal ‘80s synthesizer that physically moves you, an uplifting ode to seizing the night and speeding down the freeway with the windows down.

“City Lights” could have easily been featured on a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack thanks to its spunk bass and edgy beat that pairs well with actual GTA contributor The Chain Gang of 1974. And much like some of the genre’s most successful members, DF3’s new single offers an edgy beat, spunky bass, and a sound filled with so much energy it beckons listeners to party, and stay cool.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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