Finding the soundtrack to your summer

Finding the Soundtrack to your summer

By Seth Decker

It begins in May; the rush to find the perfect album that you can leave in your car’s CD player. Artists aren’t exempt from this feeling either. There is a mad dash to get a summer album recorded, mastered, pressed and released by early June. Science proves that when memories are made around music, that music will become more important to you. Bands realize this, and summer is when people are in memory making mode.

The four piece hardcore punk band Four Year Strong decided to jump on this idea when making their latest self-titled album, and suffice to say they hit a home run (pop-punk baseball infused pun very intended). As their fifth major studio album, Four Year Strong decided to return to their roots after generally positive but mixed reviews on their previous album “In Some Way, Shape, or Form”.

Originally hailing from Massachusetts, their grounding stands in heavy pop punk. Catchy hooks, memorable riffs, and crowd chants launched this band into mainstream success. “Four Year Strong”, their self-titled album, was released on June 2nd this summer, and immediately stands out as the album that will keep them in the forefront of pop punk. Just in time for beach parties and barbecues, they decided to make an album that reminds you of hot music festivals and long car rides with the windows down.

The production on this album can be summed up as how I imagine old hard rock albums were done back in the 80’s. No computer programs, no fancy stack effects, just amps cranked to 11 and a sound producer infused with the power of Jesus himself. Every track is raw and almost live sounding, so that every drop hits you square in the breadbasket like a football pass in the NFL. The overall sound is cohesive and the album works back to front, with each track able to stand on its own legs, but when strung together becomes a game of red rover with the WWE; even Regan couldn’t tear down that wall.

Leave this one in your car, crank it at the gym, and make your neighbors mad playing it nightly. Eventually they’ll learn to love this record like a member of the family. “Pass the pizza, ma!”

Author: blackonthecanvas

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