Husky – “Break Free” Ft. Fourfeet


By Carolyn Vallejo

There are the familiar heavy down beats and clap track, but Husky’s newest track “Break Free” goes beyond the shallow house club track. This new song is all about good, smooth vibes – as much as it eggs you out to the dance floor, it invites you simply to chill out.

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Husky released his newest song with vocal support from Fourfeet. Together, they’ve made a song Husky himself describes as “moody,” but one that is ultimately more therapeutic than complicated.

The percussion is particularly on-point in “Break Free,” with Husky meshing hollow drums and thick bass, adding touches of cheering crowds, shakers, and smooth, bubbly beats. Fourfeet, meanwhile, overlays his own classic and soulful vocals that add warmth and a bit of funk, especially when met with the song’s whirled keys and cymbals.

There’s a lot of layering going on here, but Husky’s ability to position rhythms and tones over each other without having them drown each other out is especially a high point with this track. It could be because, according to the producer, the song stemmed from a more basic, instrumental concept that was gradually built up.

Lyrically, the track was also rooted in its own simple, yet complex, concept: the struggle of “breaking free of all things in your life that hold you down,” according to Husky himself. Isn’t it appropriate, then, that such a complex, busy track could come out the other end of production feeling easy and freeing? It’s a bit of a mind warp on how he nailed it, but Husky made it happen.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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