Steven Roth

Steven Roth

By Harriet Kaplan

Soulful pop rocker Steven Roth recently premiered his new “Good Times Go So Fast” notable for its lithe guitar, urgent and upbeat percussion and rollicking piano work. The song has a strong hooks and vivid lyrics. Over the last year, Roth went into the studio in Los Angeles with producers Sean Hurley and Wayne Jobson to create his 2015 EP featuring the above-mentioned single. It marks a shift in sound, naturally progressing from the organic soundscapes of his first offering with a modern fervor. Since releasing his 2013 solo debut, Let It In, Roth has opened numerous shows for The Who -at the personal request of the band- playing with them at LA’s Staples Center and NYC’s Madison Square Garden. He also has opening gigs for artists including Audioslave, Robert Plant, Dave Grohl and Elvis Costello under his belt – as well as a headlining showcase hosted by Counting Crows’ frontman Adam Duritz and recording sessions with Devo’s Jerry Casale. On September 17, Roth will take the stage at Bardot, and on the 19, at the Piano Bar. Both venues are located in Hollywood, CA. For more information about directions, times and costs of both shows, visit here.



Author: blackonthecanvas

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