Delta Deep

Delta Deep

By Dani Kowalczyk

Being young, I’ve often found myself well past the years of seeing some of my most coveted and praised bands. Perhaps due to the times, the band has long been dead or broken up. Or perhaps like the movie Detroit Rock City or Almost Famous…those times, those appreciations just do not exist. Thus the musicians for those times and those fans seem not to either.

I stand proven wrong on accounts far and few as of late. Although, when coming across a band like Delta Deep I recognize not only the strength in vocal stretch and instrumental talent but also a rich and textured following proving the member’s experience.

Coming from music circles such as Luther Vandross, the Sex Pistols, Def Leppard and even regards from the Pope; this band has brought no one singular sound to present. In fact, Delta Deep brings a incomparable multitude of histories, musical styles, and sounds that you just can’t buy. Their latest self titled EP stands true to these accusations, with deep, heart wrenching dirty blues to socially conscious rock and roll. And no I don’t mean the Green Day meeting U2 sort of awareness. These lyrics hit you hard in the gut right from the first stanza. You can’t avoid the ugly truth…but isn’t that Blues and rock and roll anyway? It’s truth that Delta Deep stands for; the unforgettable guitar instrumentals and drum beats that pulse the band’s tempo and speak far beyond any lyric. Nonetheless, Delta Deep isn’t coined as 21st century blues for no reason.

Some of my favorites include “Band the Lid”, demanding a foot stomping, head nodding good time jam, “Whiskey”, one of my most coveted Delta Deep’s blues pieces, and “Mistreated”, for the more guitar screeching glam metal fans.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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