Gideon King & the City Blog

Gideon King & the City Blog

By Dani Kowalczyk

When you goal is to create the best studio band on Earth, you know your standards are high. Gideon King certainly appeared to set his hopes high and his efforts strong in order to obtain what would seem unattainable.With little room for error, Gideon needed to enlist the best of the best for his studio band, for what soon became the famous City Blog band.

Bringing the Jazz and funk scene a refreshed and re-purposed claim to New York, Gideon King and the City Blog compose entirely of blue grass, funk, and jazz staples such as Jame Genus (bassist of Daft Punk, SNL, and Herbie Hancock), Donny McCaslin, Kevin Hays, and Matt Penman to name just a few of the loot of legendary musicians. The point is not to be stationary in the band, but for each musicians accompanying the song attributes something particular to often that song only but then nothing to another one. Gideon Kin and the City Blog stand for a much bigger picture, a much bigger jam than what we’ve grown accustomed to. Thank god for Gideon King!

Off their latest album, ‘City Blog’ you can find a wide range of attentively smooth and velvety rich grooves that come and go in a subtle way that you find yourself six tracks in when you thought you were still on the first single “City Blog”! I personally see this as a huge win in today’s listening genre. We want it fast, we want it right. But jazz isn’t like that. It’s not what you expect, it won’t come fast when you expect it and it probably won’t sound all that right, at first…but believe me, it still feels good.

Some of my other favorites include: “See In Double” – “Friendship Cliche” – “What You Say” and “Glide”

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