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Night Argent

By Brooke Magalis

Argent Road was the birthplace of the Night Argent. It’s a road in the band’s collective hometown of Pasco, and it’s where the band worked to find their own sound: nice, powerful alt­pop, with the classic drums­keys­bass­guitar­singer lineup. It’s no wonder they caught the ears of the right people to be put on Warped Tour. This summer is their first time out on the tour, and they have big plans for when they get back.

Like most musicians, the most important aspect of music, for them, is the live performance, the band­fan connection. It’s an experience­­one felt by the band and the fans collectively. They move the audience with their anthemic melodies. The music they produce has a distinct atmosphere, it fills space. The drums and bass are powerful, the keys and guitar infectious. The lyrics are optimistic, they swell, and talk about conquering true love; the imagery tends toward cosmic­­who doesn’t want to be described as a beautiful soul with stars in his or her eyes?

You can catch Night Argent on Warped Tour this summer, and their social media links can be found below.



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Hey there! Thanks for taking a second to talk to me. How are you?

NA: ​We’re loving life on the road, and making a lot of new friends and fans. It’s hard to imagine life getting much better than this.

Let’s get started, yeah?

Starting out nice and easy: Night Argent, I dig it. Where did the name come from?

NA: We all grew up in the same hometown, and actually built our studio on Argent Rd. It’s where we spent the first year together as a band developing our sound and our style. The name is a throwback to where we came from, a reminder of our roots.

How did you guys meet? Was it difficult to find your sound, or do you all gravitate toward the same sort of music? Do you listen to the same kind of music that you write?

NA: ​We met through music. We’ve all been in different bands and music groups around our hometown, and we ran across one another through gigging and local events. We started this group because we all wanted to play in a group where we could create something long-lasting and meaningful. This is our career, our future. We all have very different tastes in music with varying backgrounds including HipHop, Classical, Alternative, Country, and Hard Rock, but we have a unified vision for our sound and mutual appreciation for everyone’s varying personal tastes.

What drew you all to utilizing electronic elements in your music?

NA: ​We wanted to take advantage of all the tools at hand. We’re lucky to have not only some extremely talented musicians in the band, but talented producers as well. We wanted to explore different elements of those skills, and see what we could create that would not only engage fans, but highlight the songwriting and instrumentation.

What bands/other artists influence you? Have their been any collaborations that have really helped mold who you are as musicians?

NA: ​There are a few bands we definitely looked up to when trying to find out who we were going to be as a band. We love the energy MuteMath brings to their live show, Imagine Dragons have this huge epic sound we really admire, and Ryan Tedder’s songwriting in OneRepublic has definitely encouraged us to push ourselves to find what we’re capable of.

What is the next step for Night Argent? What are some goals you all have for the next few years? Is this your first time on Warped Tour?

NA: ​Our next step after we’ve finished our first run on Van’s Warped Tour is to shoot our next music video, and then we’re heading into the studio to write/produce our next EP with John Feldman. In the next few years we definitely want to start playing overseas, and continue to develop and improve our live show. Performing live is the most important aspect of our music for us. It’s where we get to connect one­on­one with our fans, and share an experience with them. We pour our heart and soul into every performance knowing that it may be someone’s only chance to share that moment with us.

And finally, a little bit of rapid fire:

Favorite lyric you’ve written? ​This is one of those times we cannot agree on an answer. Each song has a different experience and backstory tied to it, so it’s hard to be subjective. We all have our own favorites.

Favorite lyric you’ve heard? ​Ed Sheeran’s entire catalogue.

Favorite food on the road? ​Taco Bell.

Hands down Favorite genre? ​It’s difficult answering these favorite questions with just one answer between the five of us. We all have very different answers. But overall, any music written from a place of honesty.

Favorite venue? Currently that would be the Velour in Provo, Utah. The crowd is so energetic and passionate about good music.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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