Ear to Ear Album Review

Ransom Scenery

By Dani Kowalczyk

In the circles I travel, being compared to the likes of Tame Impala and Alt-J are a massive compliment by miles. Springfield, Illinois dream rock genre band Ransom Scenery holds up to the comparison all too well. Watch out Deerhunter, you’ve got some competition! Random Scenery’s newest EP ‘Ear to Ear’ offers a tea’d off toast to experimental music everywhere. The bands second album fears no Sophomore slump with deep synths zooming into chimes of new wave. The vocals often remind me of Smashing Pumpkins but makes a groove easy, a listen a breeze.

I am generally not one to connect with one type of music, not one genre completes me and I think Ransom Scenery’s Drew Lowey and Chaepter Negro would agree without hesitation. Their singles Pop Scripture and Driplove are just few of almost an entirely favorite album. Again, these things do not often happen in the music industry. This needs to be underlined and in bold. In between the start and end, tracks like Holozic boom in more pop and hip hop undertones but still keeping the experimental darkness you crave. Trust me when I say, this is one of the best albums I’ve come across from newcomers in Illinois, especially that of talented Chicago. Keep looking forward to what the duo will experiment with next and meanwhile go buy or stream their album Ear to Ear on Bandcamp now!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ransom-Scenery/1486946638229447?ref=hl

Stream their record on Bandcamp: https://ransomscenery.bandcamp.com/album/ear-to-ear

Music video for “Slowly Spinning”:

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