Slim Twig Show Review

Slim Twig

By Harriet Kaplan

The Canadian songwriter, musician and film actor Slim Twig has been called pop weird and an artist in the making. A total original, the music press commented Twig “doesn’t make music that sounds like it belongs in 2015.” The eccentric and eclectic artist has been compared to Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Suicide and David Bowie. He has released several videos, EPs and 7″ records. Twig’s latest effort, “Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig” is his newest album is now out on DFA Records. Twig has began a North American tour in support of it with a full band.

The provocatively titled “Fadeout Killer” recently debut via Paper Mag. The video features Twig’s wife Meg Remy (U.S. Girls) and sister Lulu Hazel. “It’s about a runner running a race against no one. He finds himself pulled between two worlds – one real and one ethereal. I wanted those realms to embody the bond between a mother and son, and to show a kind of beauty and darkness,” explained David Rendall, the video director. Sounds intriguing and compelling.

Slim Twig and his band with opener Jack Name will be making a tour stop in L.A. when they perform at the House Of Gods On September 28. For more information about the show time, directions and tickets, visit

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