The Liquorsmiths



By Dani Kowalczyk

Bob Dylan most especially, Simon and Garfunkel, a little bit of Andrew Bird and maybe some Wilco to round it out. Thats what  The Liquorsmiths sound like. Hailing from both the East and West coasts, the band formed in San Diego, California, where they currently reside. They released their most recent EP debut just weeks ago, which was welcomed with open and praising hands. “This Belongs To” rolls through each track so fluidly, so engrossingly that it’s with great pleasure and ease that the album becomes an experience.
Their debut single ‘Get Well Soon’ sends an ode to an old lover, friend, past partner, or whomever you want it to be. “Iris” has the guitar acoustics of lost lover. Again, for me, it’s however you want to take it, however you want to apply it. But Iris tugs at your heart strings with lines like, “warmth is not a feeling, it’s a state of mind” and “home is not a place, it’s a family.”

‘Devil I Do’ particularly appeals to my contrarian nature, in doing the opposite, and like he says, “it’s hard to be you”…. Despite these playful themes, heart string depths and folk twang Bob Dylan dances, The Liquorsmiths make an impact and imprint for themselves in an overly saturated music scene today. Trust me when I suggest purchasing the entire album… Definitely worth a listen.

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Author: blackonthecanvas

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