Port St. Willow

Port St. Willow

By Emily Clinch

The crowd was pulled in by Port St. Willow’s trance-like music, swaying to all the different intriguing sounds. The emotional intimacy of each lyric seemed to captivate them, keeping them interested and relaxed in an exciting setting. Port St. Willow makes sadness a place of relaxation and reflection. Each one of Port St. Willow’s lyrics expresses the feeling of heartbreak and deep desperation to understand Nicholas Principe’s mind. The lyrics give the audience the opportunity to make their own interpretation and relate the songs back to something in their own lives. He explores the meaning of broken relationships with the lyric “Just save enough for a favorite alibi disconnected stranded between two lives”, from the song Amawalk.

Nicholas Principe started this project while he was living in Portland, Oregon in 2009. He currently resides in New York City where he is working on another album with Port St. Willow’s other members Andrew Dunn and Thomas Crane. He has demolished all standards of ambient pop while adding atmospheric sounds and a one of a kind falsetto voice.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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