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By Rick Perez

Earlier this year, the punk rockers of the band John Travoltage broke into San Francisco’s music scene with their highly energetic tracks, ‘Buckskin’ and ‘Smashing Darling’. Rooted in the rebellious nature of bands like NoFx and Rx Bandits, members Richie Tubman (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Alan Saura (lead guitar), Bradley Quilici (Bass), and Joe Peters (Drums), are strumming out insurgent rock anthems in their anticipated debut EP, Done to Death.

Check out BoC’s interview with John Travoltage, and make sure to catch them at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland on October 23rd!



Who is John Travoltage and what is your music all about?

John Travoltage: John Travoltage is about whatever you want it to be. It’s a rorschach test for your ear holes. As long as it’s about rock and roll.

How did you all get together?

Rich: We all met through me. I grew up with Joe in Maui and he was always a ripping drummer. We went to the same Jr High. Alan and I met in LA, but he’s from Maui as well, which is crazy. Brady and I met when I moved to SF, and we had been playing together here and there. I went off and wrote a bunch of songs and then just told the rest of the guys to show up at our practice space. They all met for the first time as John Travoltage.

If each member can order a last meal of your lives, what would you order?

Rich: I’d call the aunties at Sam Satos in Maui and have them send me a dry noodle plate with a bunch of teriyaki beef sticks. Also a bottle of bourbon because I fear death.

Alan: Spam musubi

Brady: hmmm…something cooked at my parents’ house by my Mom.

Joe: O­Tori

You are about to drop your debut EP, Done to Death, on October 20th, 2015. Why should we be excited for this?

John Travoltage: Be excited because people are still making fast, fun, rock music in San Francisco. Be excited because you’re ALIVE, man!

How did you go about picking which songs to put on the EP?

John Travoltage: We picked them because they’re awesome… and because we only had enough money for three days of recording.

Are you doing anything to celebrate this release?

John Travoltage: Writing more music.

What is your favorite Bay Area venue to play at?

John Travoltage: Milk Bar gave us our first gig, so we love them. They put on great shows and support the local scene. Props to them.

Friday night, San Francisco, where is John Travoltage hanging out?

John Travoltage: Either at our practice space or a band field trip, catching a show or playing a gig. We’re not party animals, we take all of this pretty seriously.

If John Travoltage could collaborate with another artist or musician, who would it be and why?

Rich: Fred Armisen. I love musicians that do more than just music, and that dude is always working. He’s insanely cool.

Alan: J Mascis. Because fuzz pedals.

Brady: Josh Homme.

Joe: Chili Peppers pre­-Californication. They seem like awesome dudes and I think we could write some badass music together.

What’s next for John Travoltage? What should we look forward to?

John Travoltage: We’d love to get a residency somewhere in SF, but until then we’re going to keep writing and playing and churning music out.

Photo by Whitney Dinneweth

Author: blackonthecanvas

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