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Born Ruffians

By Emily Clinch

Born Ruffians are an indie punk rock band formed in Midland, Ontario, Canada in 2004. The members consist of Luke LaLonde (Vocals and guitar), Andy Lloyd (guitar/keyboard), Mitch Derosier (bass), and Adam Hindle (drums). The Ruffians started out their three month long tour in Burlington Vermont at Signal Kitchen where Black on the Canvas had the chance to interview them about their new album and their tour.

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What are you most exited to show in your new album?

Mitch: On tour specifically we are exited to play more and more of our new songs. This is one of our first records where we are psyched and able to play the whole thing. So far we are exited to share the music of our new record.

Luke: I would play the whole new record if it were generally not a good move. We like to mix it up a bit and it is fun to play some old songs. It is the most exiting to play your new stuff.

Are there any specific stories that go along with any songs?

Luke:  Each song was about a thing but as you are writing it you realize that it is about a few different things. Each song has its own kind of world. One song about a response to an email that we got from a young guy who said that he connected with our early stuff more and that we should write more stuff like that. I said I still write songs that are meaningful to me, asking me to make you feel that again is impossible, go back and listen to those songs again. I wrote a song kind of responding to him but also my self who also probably felt that way (When things get pointless I roll away)

What do you think inspired most of your songs?

Luke: Stuff that generally was frustrating to me, stuff that I was trying to get over, stuff that I was trying to figure out, and trying to figure out why it was making me feel that way. I was trying to use the songs and the lyrics as a therapy of some sort and try to analyze my self. A lot of these negative experiences were happening on tour while preforming in front of people and so I really didn’t like going into dark places on stage. I was also writing songs that would plant seeds for future me so when we are touring I can recite the lyrics that I wrote for my self to be singing to the audience and to my self in that moment. The song “Shade to Shade” was kind of the blue print for that theme. It was first one to fit that theme and set the tone for a lot of the lyrics on the album.

What do you want your fans to get from the album?

Luke: You kind of just hope to please as many people as possible. You hope to get new fans and hope that your old fans still like you. At the same time you cannot afford to get hung up on that kind of stuff.

How do you think your music has changed?

Luke: Some ways it hasn’t at all, and some ways you get better at doing your band. We were always figuring out what we were doing as we went. For us it is just about getting better at being Born Ruffians.

Mitch: We all started making music together as we were still learning our instruments. We were in high school. We learned how to play together this band is how we play these instruments and it is a growth of us playing together.

Who are your top five most played artists?

Luke: ESG is my most played, by far erase you is my most played on iTunes. Talking Heads, Born Ruffians, Ray Charles, and David Bowie is probably in there a lot.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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