Chuck Olsen – Blurred Ambitions

Chuck Olsen – Blurred Ambitions

By Dani Kowalczyk

With a melodically imperative poetic rap intro in tune with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and a little bit of Nas, New York native Chuck Olsen kicks off the resounding, heavy hitting, and lyrically justified album “Blurred Ambitions” with “Changes.” Indeed, changes are ensued. From hip hop heavy weights to more pop-happy singles, Chuck invites any listener to bump to his rhythm.

After abandoning a college-pro baseball career to produce music, an ode to his idols like Dr. Dre and Xaphoon Jones, Chuck certainly found the seed to sprout greatness. He heeds no halt when approaching the tracks complexity in bounce, brevity, and well, just too damn good not to turn up. From Get It Going, Hands Up, Basement Nights and Bounce, it’s clear he knows what he’s doing and who he’s doing it for.

It’s rare to not skip over one, two, or a few tracks in a 11 track EP, but Chuck Olsen had me at “Changes”. As the EP progressed, I found myself giddy, akin to the fun that Kid Cudi brought to hip hop while granting access to party tracks that became legends, odes to the night, prayers to the morning.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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