Daniel Grinberg

Daniel Grinberg

By Dani Kowalczyk

After spending much of this youth developing optical software for music scores and converting melodies into mathematical codes, Daniel Grinberg, without any technical training, knew then that he had a knack for something that many spend years of education learning. From complex systems and AI to music scores, the transition came east to Grinberg. What began as plays and theatrical scores and then electronic music and jazz, soon transformed into his own unique creation. Grinberg then started composing his own album, Short Stories.

Short Stories is produced by Maor Scwartzberg (who also plays the bass guitar on the album), while Grinberg is most present with the guitar and keyboard. One may be surprised to find that all the vocals are performed by welcomed vocalists, collaborators with Grinberg, contributing fine tuned melodies completing a 12 track album. Starting with “80 Years,” “Hey You,” and “Thanks”, all of the tracks, including these three, tell a clear cut story to the listener: live a good life, be grateful for your place in the world, and remember to be aware. It’s an honest album with lyrics that are true and safe, honest and telling of a life long lived and a grateful manner for which to live by it. Grinberg’s album Short Stories completes a Sunday afternoon or a drive through the countryside. It’s a relaxing breath of fresh air and honesty.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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