World Champion – Avocado Galaxy

World Champion – Avocado Galaxy

By Juliana Russell

World Champion’s debut EP “Avocado Galaxy” will capture listeners with its dreamy and fluid electronic sounds, retro and peppy percussive effects, and smooth and breathy vocals.

The cover is quite an intriguing piece of art that compliments the music very well—bright, flashy, amebic, with pastel pinks and purples starkly contrasted against black, and a wispy silhouette dancing across, leaving behind luminous trails.

“Avocado Galaxy”, the EP’s lead track, is fun and funky, with relaxing, breezy vocals. The track begins with a bubbly arpeggio, which quickly melts away as the main bass line comes in. After the first vocal section, that bubbly sound effect comes back and makes appearances in the background every now and again, which greatly pleased the music composition professor in me—just the right amount of repetition is always very satisfying.

Take it down a few notches to the next track, “Tip Pit”, a lazy and relaxed song with a transcendent kind of groove. It is the sort of song which I would imagine the band members performing with drooping, gently swaying heads, the singer looking up, staring off at an unspecified object with poignant memories flooding his mind. Similar to the previous track, “Tip Pit” has a pulsing rhythm and warm, round sounds. It is very repetitive, but has such a pleasantly smooth and coherent sound that it certainly never becomes boring.

“What I really want, what I really need, is something that will make me feel good.”

Take it back up with the fun and peppy “Shakes”, a more rhythmically driven and percussive track than its predecessors, with even more bubbly electronic sounds than before. Lots of upbeat, offbeat hits and accents punctuate the entire song, keeping you on your toes, and making you want to dance and shake!

My only complaint with the first track, “Avocado Galaxy”, was that the sweetness was over too soon—this is not the case with the EP’s final track “Avocado Moon”, clocking in at just over seven and a half minutes. The song begins with a slightly unnerving, dissonant, and convoluted intro, which becomes wildly more coherent once the bass kicks in. The dissonant parts in the beginning make the final cohesiveness all that much more satisfying. The rest of the song focuses more on electronics and less on vocals; there are still vocal sections, but the purpose seems to be more about offering variety of sonority rather than lyrical content. Per usual with electronic dance tracks, the length of this song allows for much motivic development and interesting variations.

World Champion brings an incredible sense of cohesion and comfort in their EP “Avocado Galaxy”. In the future, I would hope to see longer tracks and more experimentation with beats and melodic content (i.e. different time signatures, and possibly branching off into different scales and tonalities than just major and minor chords). I see a lot of potential in this new artist! Cheers to an awesome debut!

“I guess I’ll see you on the moon…”

Author: blackonthecanvas

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