By André De Vito

In botanical terms, Bogarim is a flower, but when it comes to music, Boogarin is an echo. That’s exactly how it sounds on the second album of the Brazilian psychedelic pop band. An echo of the late 60’s and early 70’s Brazilian artistic movement tropicália, yet modern and new.

Their first album, As Plantas que Curam (The Plants That Heal), was released in 2013 and featured tracks such as Doce, a melodic pop song about an LSD trip, and Lucifernadis, a clever wordplay with the word Lúcifer. It sounds like a mixture of Mutantes and Tame Impala, while the lyrics exhibit some existential dilemmas with a bit of poetry.

​Now, having matured after two world tours through America and Europe, the band wrote, recorded, and released their second album, Manual (2015). Unlike the first album, Manual does not sound like a homemade record.

The rude and primitive mix of As Plantas que Curam had its charms, but the 2015 album was expertly mixed. Avalanche is the most attractive song in this new album, full of effects, addictive guitar riffs and reverbs that stick in your ears, while 6000 Dias is a little more groovy.

Since the last album, the band has matured without losing their identity, which is a relief, and the result sounds like a definitive version of nowadays-psychedelicpop music.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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