Interview with DREAMERS


By Rick Perez

It’s no secret that alternative punk band DREAMERS is quickly gaining notoriety in the rock world, with features in popular publications like Interview Magazine and While on the first leg on their tour, BoC’s Rick Perez got the opportunity to hang with them backstage and shoot their performance at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York. Check out his interview with the guys and photographs of the show.

“As the DREAMERS tour manager led me backstage to their dressing room at the Knitting Factory, I couldn’t stop my heart from beating nor could I dry the sweat that dripped from my pores. My nerves started kicking in at the bar, where I discovered that they had conducted two interviews prior to mine. I now had a few seconds to come up with ways to uniquely engage this highly sought­after band .

When I entered the dressing room, I came upon Nick, Jacob, and Nelson nestled three in a broken love seat. They were impeccably dressed and undeniably cool, the type of people that I would want to hang out with. I started the interview as a friend, and then my nerves diminished as the interview turned into a casual conversation. The guys were confident and open, talking about their passion to share their music as well as telling me about some hot spots to check out in Brooklyn.

Once I finished the interview I walked back into the venue, where I saw tons of audience members rockin their DREAMERS shirts. Even before they started playing, a bunch of girls screamed from excitement, and continued to scream and yell “I LOVE YOU” throughout the performance. It was cool to be around such die hard fans of a group that’s on the rise. It will be fun to check them out again in a year from now, when their popularity heightens and their fan base grows even more.”



How is the tour going? Anything memorable you would like to share?

Nick​: The tour is going great! It’s actually pretty fresh, we are on show number 3, and we have a massive year of touring. We just played in Burlington. Vermont with Joywave, which was amazing. Now we are home in Brooklyn, one of the towns we love most in the world.

Is there a place where you are most excited to be at?

Jacob: ​I am very happy to be here in New York. This is my 4th time here but first time experiencing New York. Nick showed me around yesterday.

Nick:​ Ya we got to have the night off. Nelson and I lived in Brooklyn for the past 10 years so we got to show Jacob around. We went to a bar in Greenpoint called Manhattan Inn, where I use to work. Then we went to Bushwick, off the Jefferson stop, and it was poppin off. The places we went to were the Cobra Club, Hi Hello, and House of Yes.

Nelson: ​I broke off to Pumps by myself.

Nick:​Pumps is like this seedy strip club in an abandoned factory, AKA the best party in town.


Where in Brooklyn do you guys live?

Nick:​ We are actually kinda displaced right now, we’re nomadics. We were on tour since March, and then we were in LA recording our album. Our label is there, so we’ve been spending a lot of time in LA.

LA or New York? Any comparisons?

Nick:​ It’s like apples and tangerines.

Jacob:​ Very different places, both amazing.

Nick:​ I’m just a New Yorker at heart, Brooklyn is where I feel most at home. But I’m having such a great time in LA, it’s gorgeous. There’s so much going on there with music, there’s this energy. Right now a lot of New Yorkers are moving to LA for music, the word ‘exodus has been used. The rent is really expensive here (New York), the winters are really cold, the music industry, there’s a lot of reasons.

Nelson:​ New York City respect your artists because you are going to be a boring city if we all leave.


What are you looking forward to most on the tour?

Jacob: ​Meeting new people, I love doing that. It’s one of the main reasons why I do it.

Nick: ​Meeting people that we only encounter on the internet and twitter and they come out to the shows.

Jacob:​ It’s an interesting life being on tour because you are placed in such random situations. If you are an optimist then you can thrive on that, and I feel like that’s how I am. It’s an environment that I get really excited in, I feel alive when I’m on tour.

Nelson:​ It’s inherently like that. You get to travel you are in a different city like everyday and meet new people everyday. It’s impossible to get bored.

Jacob: ​And to play music, what’s better than that? To have something that you have crafted and perfected and show it to people in different places

Nick​: We get to play with other bands that we love like Joywave and Night Riots on this run.

Go to Karaoke song?

Nick: ​Dream On by Aerosmith

Nelson​: Born to Run by Bruce Springstein

Jacob:​ The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles


Any pre­show rituals?

Nick: ​More and more, and I haven’t said this to anyone yet, I’m more anti­ritual than ever. I like to change it up, I like the moment to be new, and to be fresh and to always be growing and changing. I’ve noticed that when I get into rituals that I use to do when I played music as an adolescent, I brought back those adolescent nerves instead of getting in the mind state that is new and developed. Every night I want to make up a new ritual.

Nelson: ​I don’t really have any. i like to have 30 minutes before just to chill, drink a lot of water, red bull, collect my thoughts, and I get really touchy with my band mates, you know.

Jacob:​ One ritual that I will never give up on is I always going to the bathroom right before I play.

Nelson:​ Hahah me too! I don’t wanna be on stage and be like ‘I have to pee!’ cause people in the crowd can tell.


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