By Harriet Kaplan

In the video for the first track, “Monster,” off Colours’ debut album set for release on February 26 on Victory Recods, the concept is vague with a young woman that seems mysterious and singer Kyle Tamo who is behind the wheel driving around a forbidding town in a vintage large car. Something is going on between them but it’s hard to say what that is and maybe that is the point. It’s as atmospheric and moody and fits well within the song that is definitely dark, lush sounding and has an electronic bent to it and a bit of an modern R&B feel. The band has been compared to Purity Ring and The Week’end.

With Morgan Alley on drums, the band entered the studio in early 2015 with producer Shaun Lopez (Crosses, Far, Deftones) to record their first full length.The duo wrote the songs for their new album over a fourteen-month period and started experimenting with new music around August 2013. The recording took just 6 weeks at Lopez’s studio in Burbank. Of working with Lopez, Alley said, “Shaun has a great ear for tone. He was able to listen to the songs we created, understand the direction and breathe new life into them.” In discussing the album’s lyrics Tamo explains, “We write with someone else’s feelings in mind. There is a purposeful vagueness to most of my lyrics, preserving the attractiveness of personal interpretation.”

Author: blackonthecanvas

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