Interview with Nathassia


By Juliana Russell

With a blend of multi-cultural influences and an uplifting message of being open-minded and free-spirited, Nathassia brings us her new song “Turning Headz”. Juliana Russell from Black on the Canvas had the opportunity to speak with the new electronic music artist about her foray into the music industry.


How did you first get started in music? What were some of your initial influences?

Nathassia: Being Dutch I started in the Netherlands, like everybody does, playing in bands. About 5 years ago I recorded some club tracks, as a featured artist and one of them was a huge global club hit. For the past year or so I’ve been working on my debut album.

What kinds of programs or equipment do you use to make your music?

Nathassia: I record my own vocals, I do all the vocal production. I use Logic—I’ve got a Mac, so I had to learn that myself. (laughs) I work closely with my producers, who produce the music with me. That’s kind of it, how it starts.

What’s your creative process like? How do you go about writing a new song?

Nathassia: Oh, lots of different… It can exist from many different ways. Sometimes I hear a really good piece of music that I like, and then I start writing on it. Or I could have the lyrics already finished, and the vocal, and I ask a producer to work with an acapella that’s already made. But it’s mostly a back and forward process. Whatever it starts with in the beginning, most of the time is not what it ends with. It’s quite a long, intensive journey.

So about your new song “Turning Headz”. What was the inspiration for that?

Nathassia: I got inspired for that… Well I live in London, where you see many… Lots of things happening on the street, people doing art, dancing, singing, music, a lot going on in the streets here. I got inspired because, when you see someone like that, it’s easy to admire them. But while you’re admiring them, not judge them for what it is. And also, at the same time, feel admiration, but don’t feel under yourself, that you’re less than they are.

Oh, yeah! “Feel wonder, but never stand under”!

Nathassia: Yes, that’s the line!

Yeah, I’ve actually had that song stuck in my head for a few days, I really like it! So what are some of your main influences and inspirations nowadays?

Nathassia: I like to get inspired from lots of different electronic music, I’ve got a few artists that I like. I also get inspired by my Indian half. I’m half Indian, so I like a lot of Indian instruments. I’ve got a few remixes that are quite Indian inspired—Asian and Arabic influences too. I just like hearing a really good piece of music. The producers I work with are very good; it’s great to see what they come up with, just to get groundbreaking electronic music, and experiment with that.

Did you face any challenges while you were writing this new song?

Nathassia: For me, it’s always a challenge to start; every new song is a start, with a blank piece of paper. It’s always a challenge to see what comes out of it. So in that aspect, everything is a challenge. Every time you’re getting better, doing things you haven’t done before, make something that you’re happy with and proud of, that you can say “Oh, that’s good!” And you get a bit better each time; it’s a learning process.

How do you generally overcome challenges? I guess like you said, just keep pushing?

Nathassia: Just getting inspired… Sometimes you get inspiration from somewhere unexpected. It’s not really a process that has a rule.

Yeah, just kinda have to go with the flow.

Nathassia: Yes, exactly, go with the flow! I guess for every creative profession it’s like that.

What are some of your future plans? Like what are you working on now?

Nathassia: Well, I just finished my album, it’s on pre-order now. I’m happy with that! I’ve got plans for new songs… The next song that I’m going to write is going to be called “Nefertiti”. I’ve got a real big interest in ancient Egyptian queens and kings. My last song was a bit inspired like that, it was called “Pagan Goddess”. As a follow up to that, I’ve also been asked for something unusual, actually. I’ve been asked to perform at Nefertiti festival in Luxor, Egypt next year. So that will be inside the Luxor Temple. I was very honored to be asked for that.

Wow, cool! Congrats! Do you have any parting comments, any final thoughts?

Nathassia: It was quite cool to do this interview!

Thank you so much!

Watch out for Nathassia’s debut album, out early 2016.

Doesn’t matter

Does it matter if we understand?

Feel the wonder…


Even if we’re on another page

Feel wonder but never stand under

Feel wonder but never stand under

Some do, some don’t

It’s not for us to reason why

Gotta give respect

If you’re turning heads

If you’re turning heads

If you’re turning heads…

Author: blackonthecanvas

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