Alicia Witt Show Review

Alicia Witt Show Review

By Harriet Kaplan

Actress/singer/songwriter Alicia Witt delivered a rich and satisfying set recently at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA. The warmth of the show really took the chill of the unseasonably cold weather gripping the city. Witt told alot of fun and off-the-cuff stories between songs about DUI check points and fainting from kissing. The gifted artist’s vulnerability shone through the material she performed. One got to see her naked heart and soul. Witt also humbly thanked the audience for their support for the past seven years she’s been performing live and recording. She seemed touched and moved even on the verge of tears between smiles. The show featured 10 original songs both newly written and from her most recent album, Revisionary History. Jim Nelson of KCSN was in the crowd and she thanked him for playing “Consolidation Prize” from that release. This LP has been characterized as “merging her classical background with a modern flair in the mix of songwriters like Carole King with the instrumental chops of Billy Joel.


” One concertgoers commented astutely during the performance, she has the showmanship of Elton John and his intensity on the keys. Upbeat and joyful, Witt was in good spirits. The lively redhead was further buoyed perhaps by her upcoming role on NBC’s Nashville, as well as the opportunity to perform at the next SXSW festival in Austin, Texas in March 2016. Witt seemed to be in celebratory mood. That high energy carried over to show onstage that often felt electric with passion complimented by versatile and solid support by Kyle Fredrickson on bass guitar and steel and Kaumyar Delkash on drums. There were also more subdued and nuanced moments during the set which gave it a good balance where you could see the intricate, sophisticated craft of the songwriting and textured arrangements come to life.

Photos by Alex Huggan

Author: blackonthecanvas

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