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Schmieds Puls

By Dani Kowalczyk

“Emotions lead my music. There is no other source.” For the Austrian trio band, Schmieds Puls, following the heart, head, aches, and glory in between is just part of the process but the most influential part, of what makes them who they are. This undeniable truth that is the source of most art, is so clearly transparent to Schmieds Puls artistic direction on all accounts. Mira Lu Kovacs (the lead singer, only female of the band) directed all of the music videos, exhibiting her uniquely creative vision.

We met up with the band and had to ask them more… about their routines, personal preferences, and the inspiration for the genius behind their craft.

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As a Vienna based band, do you think it is imperative to put out strong web-presence to maintain follow-ship from your fans, especially those that are international?

 Schmieds Puls: I think that it is very important for musicians and all kinds of artists from all over the world to stay connected.

The internet is kind of its own country without (or less) frontiers, that makes it much easier to reach out to wherever and whomever

Schmeids Puls music videos are so intricately staged and curated to your particular sound. Do you think that the art direction is essential to your music, your performance as an artist?

Schmieds Puls: Thank you! The ideas and visions for my music videos always come after writing the songs, they do not develop simultaneously. The music stands for its own. I see the clips as an addition to the sentiment I want to express. Usually I come up with the concepts for the videos myself and the directors then try to adapt my visions. And even in this process of creating “ only” a visual component to my music it is hard to give up control, so I´d say its hard to work with me, its hard to please me.

So, sure, image and sound should work together, it should harmonize.

With tracks like Happiness Is No Solution Either, You Can Go Now, and Silently Agree an emotional of solitude, solemness, despair, or disdain is advised. Is this something you were inspired by? 

Schmieds Puls: “Happiness Is No Solution Either” is a very cynical song and stands for the part of me that just doesn’t learn and keeps repeating the mistakes I always do. Like giving away too much energy for things that don’t matter that much. Or worrying too much about things I cannot change.

Other than “You Can Go Now”, which probably is my most peaceful work so far; a rough but calm goodbye without holding back the one who leaves. “Silently Agree” is simply a destructive and angry shout out.

When approaching a new song or album, do you have a routine?

Schmieds Puls: Put your back against the heater, take your time and leave the country!

Where do you think the Schmeids Puls sound is heading?

Schmieds Puls: In the future I´d like write songs that sound more like the music I am listening to. I always work with whatever happens to me and the guitar I am holding.

Gently, I´d like to start working from a rhythmical point of view. I listen to a lot of electronic-oriented music. Radiohead was one of my main influences, as well as Massive Attack and Portishead. Looking forward to spending many hours with my tele in the studio next year!

Of artists that inspire you, what are some of or one of your favorite album artworks?

Schmieds Puls: Christian, my drummer loves Pink Floyd´s cover art. Especially the one with the beds on the beach!

Björk really gets me everytime with her artwork, but she is just stunning in every step she takes, for me, she can´t make any mistakes. She walks the line between emotional outburst and appreciation of nature in its often brutal, but fascinating ways.

What are you listening to these days?

Schmieds Puls: A lot of Cat Power, again. The covers record. “Cant feel my face” from The Weeknd is also on repeat.  Ane Brune, Beth Gibbons and Blake Mills. UUUUH ! And the new Roisin Murphy record…marvelously weird, love it !

What is the most important meal of the day?

Schmieds Puls: Breakfast, of course.  All day long. Sweet chestnuts in between.

Schmieds Puls second and most recent album ‘I Care A Little Less About Everything Now’ is available for download or streaming at Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or their webpage. Be sure to check out their dreamy music videos mentioned in the interview earlier, it’s a sure hook line and sinker for the rest of the tracks the band stands to pioneer.


Author: blackonthecanvas

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