Interview with Space Lemon

Tripping on Magical Green Tea

By Harriet Kaplan

L.A.-based alternative rockers Space Lemon like to think of themselves as an international band with members hailing from different parts of world. Formed about a year old,  Space Lemon began writing songs and modeling their own “spicy” music after the great 90s-stylized bands they said inspired them to form a group. Since then, Space Lemon has played a number of shows around the Los Angeles area including House of Blues and the Viper Room. They also released their debut EP in July 2015, which was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at the Rattle Room by Jaron Luksa who has worked with such acts as John Legend, Amanda Palmer, Foster The People and Collective Soul. Space Lemon also filmed music video for their first single “Alone Again” which was released in September 2015. Recently BoC spoke to the Space Lemon about the origins of their unusual band name(comically true or not), how they came together as unit, create music and songs and collaborate and their future plans.

Space Lemon


How does it feel to be named by Music Connection as one of the 100 top unsigned bands? What does that mean to the band? Do you feel validated by that?

Space Lemon: It feels good and we do feel like in a way our work is being recognized, but we consider validation comes mostly from how people react to our music and if our music makes them feel anything or means something to them.

What does Space Lemon mean? Where did the band come up with that name? Has that always been the band name. If not, why did it change?

Space LemonIt means whatever you want it to. Tommaso came up with it while meditating on a little trip under the influence of the magical green tea. It did change a million times when we first started the band. We couldn’t find a name we liked, every week we were called something different until we heard him say Space Lemon, and we thought “ hey, it sounds weird and doesn’t really mean anything, plus it will mess with people’s minds”, so we kept it.

How long has the band been together and were the band members in different groups before? 

Space LemonWe’d been jamming for a while before we actually got serious and started the band. It’s been almost a year.

How does being in Space Lemon differ from other band experiences? 

Space LemonEvery day is a rollercoaster ride. Nothing is good and done until all four of us love it. We don’t hide feelings or opinions from each other. We’re a family.

Is everyone in the band originally from Los Angeles?

Space LemonNo we’re not. Tommaso, the singer is from Italy, Ignacio the guitar player is from Uruguay, Ale the drummer is from Mexico, and Felipe the bass player is from Brazil. You could say we’re quite an international band. We did all meet in LA though.

How does the band write songs? Is it a collaborative process with everyone involved? Where do you draw your inspiration from? Who are your influences and why?

Space LemonIdeas for music generally come from jamming. A riff or a drum beat will come up and we’ll start playing over and over again around that until we have a song. According to what the song conveys energy wise is what Tommi will write lyrics about and consequently how the song will be named.

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, and each member draws inspiration from a different place. whether it’s a movie, a song, a show we’ve just been to, an amazing landscape, a road trip, something good or bad that might have happened, it’s always something different that makes us feel like we can write a song.

Same as with inspiration, we all have different influences. The common ones are probably the 90’s bands which we all like, such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of the Stone Age. Then we all take inspiration from different bands and musicians that might not even have to do with rock music at all.

Has the band ever toured nationally or just locally or any plans in the future to do so?

Space LemonIn 2015 we played all over the LA area. We’re doing a Mexican tour next year and a national West Coast tour after that.

How much material have you released and are you planning to release anything new in 2016?

Space LemonWe’ve released a five-son EP and a music video so far, but we’re expecting to do a full length album towards the second half of 2016. We enjoy playing around with photo and video, so there’s always stuff popping up in our social media, like small documentaries, live footage, etc.

What would you like your fans to know they may not already? 

Space LemonWe are botanists in our free time, hit us up for rates on gardening. We’ll make those petunias look brutal.

If you could open for a big national act who would it be and why?

Space LemonIt’s very difficult to boil it down to just one but, if we have to, Queens of the Stone Age or Pearl Jam, because they’re both extremely kick ass, and their live shows are insane.

Photo by Nicole Lemberg

Author: blackonthecanvas

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