If You Want Me – Husky feat. Kimono

If You Want Me – Husky feat. Kimono

By Juliana Russell

You can incriminate me

I won’t turn away

You are a sinner yeah babe

And I’m no saint

Australian producer Husky brings us his marvelous new song “If You Want Me” featuring Kimono, with a few solid remixes.

The original mix of “If You Want Me” has a thumping, groovy beat, graciously complimented by Kimono’s lovely, captivating vocals, which are full of character and variety. Her subtle harmonies are nothing short of gorgeous. I am a huge fan of vocals serving a dual purpose of supplying lyrical content as well as instrumental diversity. The fantastic piano solo middle section adds some nice emotional variety and is very refreshing, with its bright and piercing sound, in contrast to the lower, bass-focused atmosphere.

No one can be lead astray

Without good intentions

Chuck Love’s Network Remix is a bit more ethereal, and definitely more bass-heavy, scattered with light treble percussion and claps, and keeps some sparse piano chords. It often bothers me when remixes don’t keep the same chordal structure as the original song, but this one is actually very nice, and the differences in harmonic content fit well. I really enjoyed the ad-libs from the original vocal track that were used as ambient, almost-percussive effects. There is not much in terms of variety in mood or feeling in this one, but that is not necessarily a bad aspect.

Secrets on hearts heavy weigh…

Until you let it go.

Homero Espinosa Remix is initially bass-heavy, as were the others; however the bass of this remix has much more character and is definitely a bit more layered—not to say that the other bass effects in the first two remixes were lacking, this one simply stands out more. The percussion of this track is also radically different from the other two mixes, and the slightly dissonant ambient chords create a completely different atmosphere. The vocal line jumps a little ahead of the original mix’s meter/form, just before 2 minutes in; I could not tell if this was intentional or if the producer missed a beat. Either way, while it is slightly off-putting, it works. I am certainly a fan of switching up downbeats, so whether or not it was intentional, the overall effect is definitely interesting.

If you want me

Feel this fire blaze

If you want me

If you want me

Stride into my flames

If you want me…

It’s always nice when the original composer makes a remix of his own song—I find it intriguing to see other directions where he saw the song’s potential development. This last remix of the set, Husky’s Uptown Funk Edit, has a completely different feel; it has a much more upbeat and playful mood, rather than the darkly seductive sound of his original mix. The additions of saxophone riffs, a more mobile bass line, and syncopated percussion are all absolutely wonderful. The breakdown section is backed by an eerie electronic melody, which provides some very nice contrast from the rest of the song’s overall sound. After the breakdown, the electronic melody is still present, while the funky bass, percussion, and saxophone riffs gradually come back. Husky does an excellent job of creating differing atmospheres, while still keeping enough consistency to create a seamlessly cohesive mix.

“If You Want Me” has some pretty good remixes, though I must say Husky’s original mix and his Uptown Funk Edit captured my heart more than the others. It would be interesting to hear a remix that chose a slightly different genre. Rather than keeping a thumping, danceable beat and electronics, I could see an arrangement that has Kimono’s vocals accompanied by a string quartet, or simply a couple of cellos—this would mean retention of the heavy bass register, but would allow exploration of a different timbre, and give the song a whole new feeling.

If you want me baby

Gotta stride into my flames

I got my heart on like a river

I am running to be claimed

Under no illusion

I got nothing left to lose

I got my heart up on here baby

Gotta give no excuse…

Give no excuse…

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