Interview with Calm and Crisis

Calm and Crisis

By Emily Clinch

Calm and Crisis is an alternative rock band from Washington DC. The members include Peter Bonaventure (Guitar and Vocals), Andrew Jordan (Bass), and Jake Diamond (Drums). The name certainly shows what the band has to offer by starting out with calming melodies and slowly breaking into a strong state of catharsis. Calm and Crisis released their new album, In A Real Good Place. The alternative band has been playing at local venues around Washington D.C. and they are about to start their spring tour at the beginning of March.

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If you could shape shift into a mongoose or a snake which one would you be and why?

Peter Bonaventure: I was going to say snake but I am just going with them so I guess I am a mongoose then.

Andrew Jordan: A mongoose

Jake Diamond: A mongoose because then you’re a fucking mongoose!

How did you guys all meet?

Peter: Andrew and I met three years ago and we would jam on and off. We were playing with another drummer, but then he dropped out.

Jake: Andrew and I met around the same time. In 2014 there was opening for a drummer and after the first practice I was just in.

Andrew: I am the connecting friend. I am a bass player, that’s what I do.

Where did the name Calm & Crisis come from?

Jake: A 170 long comment thread in our Facebook group. The argument alone almost broke up the band. We knew we wanted the “and” and it turn out that it is the only word you cannot hear when you say the name.

Peter: it was probably the most time consuming argument in my life.

Andrew: we had written and recorded all the songs. All we needed was name so we could release everything and do the art so we sat down and tried to work through it and a couple days later we came up with Calm & Crisis.

How has DC influenced your music?

Jake: surprisingly we are apolitical and I think that is the most punk rock thing we have done.

Peter: I think it has made us a little more isolationist than we might have been in a different scene. It is not what you would call a musical city. It’s not like New Orleans where every night you’re hanging out and playing music.

Who are your biggest influences?

Jake: Dave Grohl, today is his birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I really like Beach Slang they are my favorite band.

Peter: Decade wise I would go like Lou Reed. Modern People I would say I am a big Jack White fan. I like his wild energy. We really like sad and depressing music

Andrew: I like Fidlar; Cheap Beer is my favorite song by them.

What do you want people to get from your music?

Peter: I like when people half understand what I was trying to say and they also have their own thing that they bring to the table. We all like big climatic moments of catharsis. We like when everyone is dealing with issues together and a communal sense of music

Andrew: we should have been catharsis and crisis,

What is your creative song writing process?

Jake: Normally Pete will come to us with a basic idea of a song and jam on it a bit and see what happens. As we go we tweak it a bit until we like it.

Peter: Yeah, it’s rare that I come to practice with a totally finished song. I’ll typically write the first verse and first chorus, and sometimes I’ll have a few verses, but typically we flesh stuff out until we are all satisfied.

Andrew: It can vary greatly. Some songs, like Invisible Girl, fall into place very easily. Others, such as One Foot Over The Edge, come together over months of struggle.

What is your favorite song you guys have done?

Peter: That’s tough, I don’t think there is one particular song that we all like the most. Some of them are more fun to play live I guess. I’m a big fan of “One Foot Over the Edge.”

Jake: I really don’t have a favorite song overall but my favorite song to play is Alone In The Sea, off of our upcoming record.

Andrew: My personal favorite is probably Moving Parts. Its fast, fun, and I get to solo, which is rare as a bassist especially in indie music.

Where are your favorite places to preform in DC?

Jake: My living room because I don’t need to lug gear home. My actual favorite venue so far has been The Rock and Roll Hotel.

Peter: Ha, ya, the living room was a blast. Everything went wrong but it all somehow worked out to be a great show. I’m going to have to second Jake on this, Rock and Roll Hotel has probably been my favorite too. It was the first venue I went to when I moved to D.C. I remember thinking it was so cool, and so getting to play there gave it this extra meaning.

Where are your favorite places to go in DC?

Peter: I’m a big fan of 18th street in Adams Morgan. It’s got cool bars and restaurants, head shops, record stores, and Amsterdam Falafel, which is fucking delicious.

Jake: I’m a big fan of the U street area. It’s a dope area and lots of cool spots. Also 18th street in Adams Morgan is a lot of fun.

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