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By Rick Perez

Since the release of their first single ‘Eddie’ in 2013, the Swedish rock band Everywhere have garnered critical acclaim from outlets such as the BBC,  performed at the NME Awards Aftershow Party, and had ‘Eddie’ played in the HBO series ‘Looking’.  Recently, members  Max Berga, Filip Severinson, Alexander Heige, Marcel Karlsson, and Mikael Ingegaard have recorded and released their highly anticipated single, “Shades at Night”.

BoC got the chance to talk with Everywhere, with topics including their recording of ‘Shades at Night’ with legendary producer Mark Needham, the music scene in Stockholm, and sharing the best advice they have ever gotten. 2


Who is Everywhere and what is your music all about?

Everywhere: We are an Alt Rock trio hailing from Stockholm Sweden. Our music is can be summed up as an evil ex lover dressed up in heavy riffs, ambient synth pads, hard hitting drums, big choruses and of course loads of lipstick.

If each member could be a topping on a pizza, what would you be?

Everywhere: Philip (Keys) would be the cheese, Marcel (Guitar) would be the mushrooms and Max (vocals) would be the anchovy. Three ingredients that by themselves would be regarded as complete disasters but together form an unholy gastronomical trinity.

For you’re latest single ‘Shades At Night’ was produced by Mark Needham who also produced ‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers and ‘Sex’ by The 1975.  What was your experience like working with him? What did you learn?

Everywhere: We learned that the most important aspect of cutting records in the modern world is to work fast. Mark has been around for quite some time, and has cut some of the greatest records of the past and the present. He incorporated old school techniques in a modern state of the art recording studio and was able to utilize the best of both worlds in order to get the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. In a world of posers it was truly refreshing to witness a real professional behind the mixing desk.

You recorded ‘Shades at Night” in Los Angeles, California.  Was it your first time there? How did you enjoy your visit?

Everywhere: We had been there once before to work on some tracks and we recorded Shades At Night during the 2nd visit. The first visit taught us to stay away from the bars along the strip, which leaves you high and dry and longing for love. LA is a city that amplifies whatever state of mind you’re currently in times ten. It’s important to stay balanced and try to avoid hangovers like the plague. Being hung-over in LA could be once of the most painful experiences a person will ever have.

Everywhere is originally from Stockholm, Sweden.  What’s the music scene in Stockholm like?

Everywhere:Acts such as Icona Pop, Avici or Tove Lo are not really representative of the music scene in Sweden that is mostly dominated by female rappers with a political message and Eurovision styled pop acts. The Swedes love Soul more than anything else, and if it’s paired up with a blunt sexual message, preferably a really dirty Swedish word in the chorus, it’s a domestic home run.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood to hang out in?

Everywhere: For anybody who is planning to visit Stockholm, we would recommend to stay over in ”Vasastan”. It’s central and safe with a lot of great bars and restaurants. It has a slight bohemian vibe but doesn’t go overboard with it unlike neighborhoods such as ”Söder” located in the south. Stay away from ”Söder”.

Do any other forms of art, other than music, influence Everywhere?

Everywhere: Fashion is a big influencer for us. Whether fashion is art or not is debatable, but nonetheless it’s truly important and it tightly linked with music and always has been for as long as anyone could remember.

For each member, what is the best advice you have gotten?

Philip: Practice to a metronome.

Marcel: Let the guitar hang low.

Max: Do it yourself.

Do you have any advice to give other up and coming bands?

Everywhere: Don’t play live unless there is demand for it. Instead spend your money on the best possible recordings and promote them online.

What’s next for Everywhere?

Everywhere: We have a new single coming shortly, followed by a UK tour this summer and our Sophomore EP will be released in the fall.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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