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Brave Baby

By Serenat Kivilcim

Up and coming indie sensation Brave Baby is officially on the radar of music lovers around the world. Surging out of Charleston, SC, members Wolfgang Zimmerman, Christian Chidester, Keon Masters, Jordan Hicks, and Steven Walker, Jr. are steadily gaining recognition for their mastery of their powerful and psychedelic sound. Rich with seductively smokey vocals and electronic effects, the group achieves a catchy pop feel to supplement the psychedelic effects, and it works; especially in tracks “Electric Friends” and “Plastic Skateboard”. BoC caught up with Brave Baby and got the scoop on life in and out of the band…

brave baby


Who is Brave Baby and what is your music all about?

Brave Baby: Wolfgang Zimmerman, Christian Chidester, Keon Masters, Jordan Hicks, Steven Walker, Jr.

We make music to express how we feel or what we are thinking… really any given thing that sparks an effort to make cool shit.

You guys released your second LP Electric Friends on vinyl. How was the writing and recording process?

Brave Baby: Tough but fun. Making a record isn’t an easy thing to do, but once finished, its one of the most rewarding accomplishments I’ve experienced.

How did you guys land a sync with Ugg Australia?

Brave Baby: Through our wonderful publishing team! We’ll call her MK, and she’s a baller and exceptionally sweet.

To whom do you like to send your tracks for feedback?

Brave Baby: Usually some friends will give some feedback, or girlfriends and sometimes parents… The only downside to showing too many people is that, all of the sudden, everyone wants to be included in the writing process and then you not only have 5 opinions, but now there’s x-teen opinions to deal with. It can help but it can also be a drag. We’ve been trying to keep them close until we’re done…. Also tough to do.

What are some of your favorite underground artists?

Brave Baby: Hermit’s Victory, Buffalo Rodeo, Grace Joyner. I wouldn’t say they’re underground because they are all active, but maybe they’re not nationally recognized. They’re all bad ass acts though, so please check them out.

Which albums have captured your interest of late?

Brave Baby: I’m currently listening to the new “White Reaper” album and I like it a lot. It resonates as a punk throw back in a very modern way. Hermit’s Victory debut is one of my favorites.

What is the indie music scene like in South Carolina?

Brave Baby: I think it’s at a tipping point right now. There are so many good bands to talk about. Hermit’s Victory, Susto, Grace Joyner, Hey Rocco, ET Anderson, Dear Blanca, Johnny Delaware, She Returns From War. There’s a lot. Check out hearts and plugs for peek out a-aha drug of them.

What do you guys do in your free time?

Brave Baby:  THERE IS NO FREE TIME…. Hanging with our friends spending time with our beautiful SOs, and writing songs with the boys…. Played a little basketball with Steven this morning. Getting to live in Charleston is always a treat. We’re all on permanent vacation (but it’s real life to us)

Tell me a fun fact about Brave Baby that most people do not know.

Brave Baby: Christian and Wolfgang’s grandparents are brother and sister and the two guys didn’t know each other until wolf joined Christians first band back in Charlotte in about 2007. The big reveal occurred a few days after. Long lost cousins!

Photo by Jamie Clayton Photography

Author: blackonthecanvas

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