Tegan and Sara Show Review

Tegan and Sara Show Review 

By Harriet Kaplan

The folk/indie rock/pop/synth duo from Canada, Tegan and Sara played a satisfying, generous and powerful 17-song show drawn mostly from The Con and Heartthrob at The Roxy. The material is likable, catchy and cleverly written. The new tour is their first in 18 months and the duo is promoting their newest album, I Love You To Death” due out on June 3. Tegan and Sara opened with their show with two numbers done acoustically that were intimate, sparse and warm. Following the brief acoustic numbers, the rest of the band came out on stage to flesh out their eclectic sound giving it a more dynamic, upbeat favor and a dramatic sheen. A multitude of bright, colorful stage lighting brought a strong contrast visually to every song performed. The enthusiastic, swooning fans sang the lyrics to every song. At this sold-out show, the audience yelled out ecstatically the sisters names. Tegan and Sara took time between songs to get their fans up to speed on what they have been doing personally in the last 18 months. They have been mainly acquiring new cats. Sara did a funny bit imaging what it would be like having one of her cats at the Roxy watch her onstage and wonder what was going through the cat’s mind like: “why is she here and not at home feeding me.” Tegan and Sara also felt the need to explain that in between song banter wasn’t just a way to kill time, but have fun and add flow in a set. Tegan wanted her fans to know she had a high level of self esteem and didn’t need to poseur and have a dance routine in place get a response from an audience. Though she did ask one of the fans if they going to buy their new album or pre-order it or were they going to play it off of Spotify instead? Tegan, then sarcastically, and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, said she liked to keep her expectations low. But all jokes aside, Tegan and Sara’s return to the stage exceeded and surpassed any expectations. The fans had a great time, enjoyed all the songs played, the emotional and engaging performance and some new promising material debuted live including “Boyfriend” and “100X.”

Set List

Call it off

Now I’m All Messed Up

Back in Your Head

I Was a Fool

How Come You Don’t Want Me

Drove Me Wild

Goodbye, Goodbye


Stop Desire

Living Room



Walking With a Ghost



The Con

Where Does the Good Go



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