Gin Wigmore Show Review

Gin Wigmore Show Review 

By Harriet Kaplan

Kiwi songstress Gin Wigmore is known as a soul-leaning pop chanteuse with a vocal style reminiscent of Macy Gray and Wanda Jackson that both is helium sounding and whisky soaked. Her unique singing is definitely an acquired taste that made for an unforgettable impression blending disperse influences together to create a musical identity all her own. Wearing a black and white t-shirt with words “Soul Punx” emblazoned across it, the tatted out, blonde-haired New Zealand singer/songwriter with kohl laden eyes, showed in concert she’s a brazen, sexy and feisty rocker at heart. Her kick ass band was equally as strong and distinctive. They were the perfect musical counterpart to Gin. Their chops were peerless and catapulted the 15 songs heavily featured her last two albums, “Gravel & Wine” and “Blood to Bone,” to another stratosphere that combined dazzling technique with jaw-dropping raw emotion. Visually, Gin was in constant motion shimming and dancing around the stage and playfully striking mock poses with the band. At one point in the show, she strapped on a white Gretsch guitar and peeled off some distinctive licks of her own to the excitement of her enthusiastic audience that yelled out for more. Gin also casually spoke a bit between songs to describe the real-life experiences that inspired her to write them. During the show, fans would scream out I love you out to her and she seemed moved and touched responding back with a big warm smile across her face. Gin Wigmore is a talented singer/songwriter that strikes a universal chord with personal material that deals with broken hearts and trying to find a safe place/haven amidst troubled times. Her fiery, bravura stage performance made for the right soundscape and backdrop to showcase the memorable songs.

Set List
Willing to Die
New Rush
Black Parade
Kill of the Night
If Only
Nothing to No One
These Roses
Dirty Love
Black Sheep
One Last Look
Written in the Water

Man Like That
Singin’ My Soul
I Will Love You

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