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By Rick Perez

Since their formation in September 2015,  the guys from New York City’s Victory Dance have been keeping busy. This alternative rock band have recorded and released their EP,Spectrum, played countless shows, made a music video for their single, ‘Memphis’, and are now on an 8 city tour around the U.S.

BoC got a chance to catch up with the members of Victory Dance.  Check out our interview with them, where they shared insight on their EP, Spectrum, their strength as a band, and the last gifts that they gave someone.

Victory Dance


Who is Victory Dance and what is your music about?  

Kenny: Victory Dance is a group of brothers. A band that consists of guys with the same dreams and goals.

Bobby: The music on our first EP covers a wide range of personal experiences, battles, and emotions. Thus the title “Spectrum”

If each Member could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?  

Kenny: Frank Sinatra- Thats Life

Bobby: Nirvana – Rape Me

Jay: Extreme – More Than Words

Chris: Dave Brubeck – Take Five

RJ: Lionel Richie – Easy

For Each Member. What was the last gift you gave someone?  

Kenny: A summer dress for my wife.

Bobby: I just gave Kenny a pretty generous smirk.

Jay: A matching summer dress for Kenny.

Chris: A key lime pie shaped candle

RJ: Pack of guitar strings

Whats the story behind your new single “Memphis”? 

Kenny: the song Memphis covers the concept of self worth. It’s about having a better understanding of who we are as individuals today versus who we were in the past. “Out with the old and in with the new” as some people might say. To do that you have to take ownership of your life and discard any lingering negative effects of things that have happened to you previously.

Bobby: I thought it was about Elvis.

How was your EP Spectrum made?  

Kenny: Our record was made collectively through a series of ideas/and song skeletons from each member. We recorded it with Jay at his studio.

Jay: It’s been very different from any other album I’ve been a part of, because most of my experiences involved renting studio time, which created a time limit. Since we recorded this record at my studio, we were able to keep working until we were happy with it, regardless of how long it was taking. It was exhausting during the process, but absolutely worth it.

Which decade best inspires the Music of Victory Dance? 

Kenny: I think the whole band comes from a pretty diverse background of music and we take all of that as inspiration – going back to the 60’s to current music today. I think its all relevant to inspiring us to create songs.

If you could share the bill with any band, who would it be and why?  

Kenny: Personally I would love to share the bill with Mutemath. I think they’re a band that we can mesh with musically and personally. They seem to really try and push the envelope with each record they make, challenging themselves to be better artists and individuals. I like to think we are very similar in that regard when it comes to creating music and challenging ourselves and each other musically.

Bobby: Muse…because Muse.

Jay: Damn Bobby, stole my answer. I love when a show is a spectacle. Muse creates a larger than life atmosphere that I’d love to be a part of…it’s an experience…more than just music.

Chris: Well, I can’t be the third guy to say Muse, so I’ll go with Dredg. I don’t think enough people know about them and they are great musicians who put on an incredible show.

RJ: 30 Seconds to Mars

What is your strength as a band? 

Kenny: Simple, communication. cant run a successful business, group or pack without great communication.

Bobby: Flirting

What is the best advice you can give to other up and coming bands? 

Kenny: Dont give up on your dreams. It’s what defines our character as human beings and if we choose to give up on something we believe in then we ultimately are choosing to give up on ourselves.

Bobby: If you don’t KNOW that you HAVE to do this, then it isn’t for you.

Jay: Lateral movement and complacency are the worst things that can happen to a band. There’s always room for growth, both individually and as a group.

Chris: Perseverance is just as important as skill. You have to be willing to keep working when everyone else stops.

Whats next for Victory Dance? 

Kenny: Well, we have a couple cool things lined up for us that unfortunately we can’t talk about until the ink is dry, but our plan is to keep promoting this record and playing shows to as many people as possible.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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