Interview with The Black Atlas

The Black Atlas

By Harriet Kaplan

Peter Koronios is the creative mind and multi-instrumentalist behind the dark alternative act, The Black Atlas, which is a solo project. Koronios released his third EP this year, “Equinox,” the final installment of a series of EP’s and just released the first single, “The Master.”  Koronios recently spoke to BoC about the meaning behind the project name, the theme and concept behind the third LP, “Equinox,” in an installment of a series of releases and working his friend and co-producer Jesse Classen, playing live and touring.

The Black Atlas


How did the band come up with the name The Black Atlas? What is the significance of that name for the band? Does it embody a philosophy for the band?

Peter: I came up with the name walking around Reykjavik, Iceland. When I say ‘Atlas’ I’m referencing the mythological Atlas, nothing topographical.

How long has the band been together, did you all meet in New York?

Peter: Technically, this is a solo project. I write and perform the instruments and vocals on the recordings with my friend and co-producer Jesse Clasen. Then, I hire a band to play live with me. We’re all New Yorkers in the live band.”

Would say you all share similar influences and what would they be and why?

Peter: I wouldn’t say that. But the way I run the live show is very different than the recordings, so that large span of influences happens to benefit the show in that sense.

You’re releasing your third EP this year and it’s an installment of a series of releases? What does that mean? Is there a theme or concept around it and what is it? What is the band exploring?

Peter: Essentially, it’s a story pieced together in the classic three-act arch, exploring the different stages of mental development of a central character, told in the first person, in a sort of surreal manner. The character’s many aspects of “self” are all given a voice, but they are ultimately, all a product of one mind.”

How does the band collaborate on songwriting and creating arrangements?

Peter: We don’t collaborate on songwriting, since it’s specifically a live band. However, we work together on creating energy and space for improvisation in the live performances. Ideally, each song will have a different life every time it’s played.”

Will the band tour?​

Peter: We’re currently in the fifth week of a six week national tour. The first six weeks is just the first leg of The Equinox Tour. We’ll be back out in June and hitting the west coast around September.”

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