Interview with The Flux Machine

The Flux Machine

By Harriet Kaplan

The NYC-based Alt/rock collective, The Flux Machine, has released their new album “Louder!” and video for the title track. The band is known for their “in-your-face blend of blues and alt rock teeters the edge before reeling you back in to its frenetic sound.” The LP is also characterized by its “Edgy hard rock sound, both electric and raw…” Luis Accorsi recently spoke to BoC about The Flux Machine. Accorsi brought a lot colorful description and context to questions about how the band come up with their name tying in the idea of “change in a radical world,” “the smorgasbord of influences,” “strong Latin American extract” in the band makeup and more.

The Flux Machine


How did the band come up with the name The Flux Machine? What does it mean to you all?

Luis Accorsi: Flux means change. We are inspired by the idea of a radical change in mankind, and the terrible quandary that we’ve put ourselves into. Wars, hunger, corruption, dogmatic religions, and general apathy toward our fellow citizens of the world. We try and infuse these thoughts into the songs of The Flux Machine. Oh yeah, and also change in theway romantic involvements seem to always end up hurting so many.

What’s your favorite blues and alt rock artists and why? How have they influenced The Flux Machine?

L: The Flux Machine has a smorgasbord of influences. We don’t consciously ever try and emulate them, we allow them to permeate our subconscious and allow them to seep back without identifying themselves. We listen to everything from early cuban music such as Trio Matamoros, to Ismael Rivera and then all down the line to early blues copycats such as TheRolling Stones, migrating into the aggressive nihilistic punk statements, scraping on to metal, and finally allowing melody to be the umbrella that shields us from the radioactive bullshit!

How long has the band been together? Where are you all from and how did you come together?

L: We have been together a little over a year. The band has a strong latin american extract, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and then we bring in the true grit NYC guys. The union of Raphael and I came about through the will of Kier, she was an important person in my life.

Is Louder! your first album and is Louder than anything currently out there?

L: “Louder!” is the apex of the definition of louder. So damn loud you drown out the voices in your head and feel the peaceful humming of screeching powerful guitars serenading you to awakeness.

Is Louder! self produced? If it is, would you work with a producer in the future? If not, why?

L: “Louder!” was produced by the up-and-coming producer Raphael Sepulveda, a talent to be reckoned with. Watch for his other productions and you will see that this young man has a career guaranteed!

Do you enjoy making videos and what makes the process interesting and special to you?

L: Videos are so much fun to make. You take yourself out of this reality and enter the heaven that is your music with the bonus of a visual experience, and one heck of one when you see it! A hallucinatory trip through the idea of music being loud for loud sakes. The guitars become vehicles for total stress release, and the band plays with more energy than a nuclear reactor overheating towards a meltdown.

How does the band collaborate on songwriting and creating arrangements?

L: The songs exist in another dimension, all we do is hone into them by fine tuning our sensibilities to absorb what is being gifted to us by the rock Gods.

Does band plan on touring the future and what’s next?

L: We will tour the world.

Photo  by Kevin Whittaker

Author: blackonthecanvas

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