Bitter’s Kiss EP Review

By Harriet Kaplan

Having been compared to Regina Spektor, Nellie McKay, Sarah McLaghlan,
and Carole King, Bitter’s Kiss singer/songwriter Chloe Baker is in
good company with notable and respected female artists.

Baker has crafted eclectic and powerful songs that strike a
universal chord with listeners. The quiet and musically subdued
“Love Won’t Make You Cry” EP takes a few spins to get under your
skin and make an imprint. Once it does, it strongly connects emotionally.
There’s something deeper going on with the raw and honest
material the singer/songwriter Chloe Baker has already tackled at a
young age with a deeper and world-wearing wisdom that is revealing as
it is impressive.

Her raw and candid observations in her life and
those around her is poignant, hopeful and somewhat melancholy and
pessimistic. “The Rope” deals with suicide, “Too Far Too
Fast,” is about letting go of family ties temporarily and the title
track “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” offers an unique look at
relationships that catch your attention and make you think twice about
relationships in that nothing is easy as it looks, seems, and there’s
always a hidden subtext. Joined by her father Michael Baker on guitar,
piano, bass and drums, who is the producer of the EP, Chloe Baker
further augments the sparse and unadorned sound framed gently with her
sweet and breathy yet powerful vocals supplementing the overall
arrangements with textured guitar lines and melodic piano leanings.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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