Show Review: Vancouver’s Cates Park Concert Series-Week 1

By Erika de Torres

The Cates Park Concert Series: Week 1 – July 16 Recap

With an increased amount of free concerts popping up and around the Lower Mainland, summer has become the best season for community events. In the next seven weeks, I will be writing about my experiences as an event coordinator for the Cates Park Concert Series through Musart Cultural Society. These blogs will vary from band interviews to recaps and reviews.

The Cates Park Concert Series is seven shows that feature emerging artists in the Lower Mainland, occurring every Saturday from July 16 to August 27 from 4PM to 7PM in the picturesque Cates Park. As an event coordinator, I was in charge of booking and finding the bands. I found the bands that I will be featuring in these articles through networking and online on Facebook musicians networking pages.

Because Musart is a non-profit organization, we were very clear that the payment for the bands would be limited. However, some of the perks to playing included creating a compilation CD that featured all the bands that played for our event. We would then sell these CDs to the audience members for donation.

The first concert happened last Saturday, July 16. The bands featured were local acts such as the Ghost of Blood Alley, the Buzzcats and Emberfield. Each band had their own unique sound and energy; needless to say, we were super fortunate to have opened up our series with three great bands. We were also very lucky that by the time Emberfield played, the sun decided to come out!

The Ghost of Blood Alley was our opener. They are a 6-piece band from Port Moody with fun folky tunes and super catchy music. Words to describe these guys? High energy and really, really fun to watch. They are super nice guys who look like they are having a bunch of fun playing the music they love. The songs were well written and even though two out of the 6 band members were unable to attend, their sound was still full and absolutely incredible.

The Ghost of Blood Alley has come out with a new EP on iTunes called Songs for Sarah. They play again on August 20 at Moody Ales to debut it.

Our second band was called the Buzzcats, hailing from both North and West Vancouver. As a four-piece rock band, the Buzzcats mixed it up a little with both originals and covers. A few words to describe their music: classic rock ‘n’ roll. Again, these guys were an absolute joy to work with – they were all incredibly friendly and approachable. They were super fun to watch and had so much energy.

The final act of the night was the folk, bluegrass inspired Emberfield. Emberfield is 100% born and raised in the Deep Cove area where the Cates Park Concert Series was happening. They’ve been together for a while, as they played for the Cates Park Concert Series two years ago with a larger six-piece band. However, they’re now in new territory, playing acoustically with only 3 members – two lead singers and a violinist. Although they’re only a three piece, their sound carried throughout the park. They harmonized extremely well with each other. They also had a good sense of style. And my coworker, Marc, loved their hats.

Overall, the acts for the first of the concert series were a blast to be a part of. The consensus for us? This first week was an amazing way to open up the concert series. The bands were incredible. Honestly, I can’t say it enough: we were so lucky to have all of these folks working with us. We truly, truly, truly wish them all the best in the Vancouver music scene and beyond – though I have a feeling each of these bands are already doing pretty well for themselves.

Come check out more bands and artists in Cates Park for the Cates Park Concert Series, happening July 16-August 27 every Saturday from 4PM-7PM. For more information, you can check out our website:

For more information about these local artists, please feel free to check out their Facebook pages and websites:
The Ghost of Blood Alley:
The Buzzcats: No social media or website
Emberfield: |

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