Album Review: Mac Gollehon & the Hispanic Mechanics

By Harriet Kaplan

Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics have a unique name and a sound that combines spicy salsa with futuristic EDM rhythms and vocal-driven, multi-lingual performances. The crisp and sizzling instrumental tracks set the dancefloor on fire. Their debut CD, with 10 eclectic cuts, is fronted by the industry respected, brass instrumematalist arranger Mac Gollehon. He has performed with everyone from David Bowie to Latin legend Ray Barretto. The multi-faceted band also includes Tomas Doncker, Miguel Valdez, and Josh David on vocals; Miguel Valdez, Baba Don and Ronnie Roc on percussion, Mike Griot on Bass and Tomas Doncker on guitars, and DJ Afrikan Sciences. Currently Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics are promoting their single, No More Drama, with a visually exciting and arresting video that takes avant garde to the edge and yet manages to be “fun and surrealistic.”

Track List:

1 No More Drama
2 Amor Tragico
3 Exito Obscuridad
4 Dale Jamon
5 Il Aceite
6 Elegancia
7 Obscuridad – David Ben Jack remix
8 Amor Tragico (David Ben Jack remix)
9 No More Drama (Touchy Feemix)
10 If Time Allows (Mark Henry Remix for Hanks Hothouse)

Author: blackonthecanvas

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