Interview with Nullity

Written by Rick Perez
Photographs by Ale Gibson


Outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania there lies a town called Kittanning with a growing hardcore scene. One of the forerunners of this scene is Nullity, a band giving us angsty, emotion filled kids a voice to call our own.

Check out BoC’s interview with Nullity, where they revealed where to find them on a Friday night, what their music is about, and what the topping are on a Nullity pizza.

Who is Nullity and what is your music all about?

Nullity is a 5 piece metalcore/hardcore band from Pittsburgh. Our music is all about our personal feelings and stands for those who struggle with the same things we do (depression blah blah) and we hope that fans can find solace within our music and relate to it.

If each member could be a topping on a Nullity pizza, what would your toppings be?

The whole band is a meat lover supreme if you know what I mean.

What is the hardcore scene like in Kittanning?

Not very big, but its definitely growing lately.

Friday night, where is Nullity hanging out?

Shanes house, Austins house, a show, or walking around Pittsburgh. We do a fair amount of adventuring when we hang

Are there any up coming single releases or shows that we should be excited about?

We have many upcoming shows and new music coming towards the end of the year. You can expect 2 singles off our full length before the end of 2016


Author: blackonthecanvas

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