Chick Quest is recording a new album

By Kyle Nutter

Chick Quest released their debut album, Vs. Galore, in April 2015. The Austrian band’s music is kinetic regardless of volume or temp. Vs. Galore makes you move or at least give the sensation. The album is balanced with frenzied confessions and narcotic interludes. It is a container for energy. Ryan White’s delivery, the band’s vocals, convinces me Vs. Galore is telling the truth. It feels good to trust a band. These authentic expressions are broken by moody melodies that slows down but doesn’t stop. With a debut album that makes you dance not because you want to but because you have to, I’m excited for what’s next. Chick Quest is finishing their next album soon. If it’s anything like Vs. Galore, I’m absolutely making room for it on my iPhone.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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