Show Review: Vancouver’s Cates Park Concert Series-Week 2

By Erika de Torres

Another week into July and another concert series completed for the Cates Park Concert Series. With our previous concert already under our belt, we were able to set all the equipment up in record time. We were a little bit worried that the clouds hovering above us would turn into showers – but all was well. I’d have to say – and I might be biased because I’m ½ of the team – the Musart team was doing a pretty good job at planning and executing these events. I’m going to knock on some wood now because I’ve probably just brought bad luck on us.

This week, I booked a variety of eclectic bands and musicians. We were ecstatic to have all three of bands as a part of our show. We had Only a Visitor, the Wind-Up Birds, and All Kings Assembly as our line up for this week.

Only a Visitor describes themselves through “triangulating The Dirty Projectors, Bjork, and Philip Glass”. In my own words, I would describe them as jazzy, harmonious and captivating. They are a five-piece band that includes a lead singer and keyboardist, a drummer, a bassist and two back-up vocals. They are fronted by Robyn Jacob, whose voice is melodic and beautiful. The first thing that comes to mind for me: where are the guitars? Well, truth be told, they didn’t need guitars. Moreover, the bassist was away for the performance but they still did an incredible job.

So incredible, that I was floored to see at how many people were attracted to their music. The park itself was crowded and busy already; however, once Only a Visitor’s sound started carrying throughout the park, dozens of people started flocking to the stage area. I say flocking fondly as they had a lot of songs written about birds. Overall, I would one hundred percent recommend checking out Only a Visitor’s work – whether in concert or through any of their available online music.

Wind-Up Birds was the second band of the afternoon. They are a four-piece band, with vocals from both the lead singer and the lead guitarist. My coworker, Marc, describes their sound as resembling Mac DeMarco. I’d describe them as a little bit smooth and a little bit psychedelic. They were fairly interactive with their audience members, so they were quite fun to watch. They were also impressively young, as they were so far the youngest group we’ve brought forward to the series. Also – and I am super excited as I type this out – they had tape cassettes for sale with all of their tracks on it! It was pretty darn nostalgic.

Our final act of the afternoon was All King’s Assembly. They are a three-piece band from Vancouver. First of all: they were the sweetest guys. Their families were also incredibly sweet and supportive. Listening to them play: it’s no wonder they have as many supporters and fans of their music. They had energy, uplifting music, and their stage presence and interaction were top-notch. There was even an audience member dancing to their tracks, something we highly encourage all audience members to do throughout our concerts!

My favourite track of the night for All King’s Assembly was Come Alive. It is also the single that they produced a music video for, which is viewable on their Facebook page. It is great to see a band that has been together for years – since 1998 to be exact – continue to chase their passions and do what they love to do.

This week’s performances were great. It was a lot of fun seeing the concert series grow even larger for this week. I mentioned earlier that the park was already pretty busy – the weather was fantastic – but the sounds that each band brought attracted more and more people to the stage area. It was even more awesome seeing one of our major sponsors, Marco Reichgeld, as a part of our show with his family. I am so excited to see what the next few weeks bring for the performances.

If you’d like to check out the Cates Park Concert Series yourself, you are more than welcome to check them out! Our schedule is on our website: We will be at Cates Park from July 16-August 27, every Saturday, from 4PM-7PM, weather permitting.

Here are the great bands I’ve recapped for you:
Only a Visitor: |
Wind-Up Birds:
All Kings Assembly: |

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