Show Review: Vancouver’s Cates Park Concert Series-Week 3

Recap & Review: Cates Park Concert Series – July 30

By Erika De Torres

Last week we had our third concert for the Cates Park Series, with only four more to go as we approach August. Has it gotten easier? Exponentially. It’s become effortless, to be honest. A lot of that is because of our incredible sound guy, Jay and our wonderful volunteers.

This week’s show featured three incredible local bands: Quantum Council, the Mozzy Lane Band and Klimbatize. This week I tried as much as possible to have an alternative rock vibe, and I think I succeeded for the most part. It might seem like a constant but I was ecstatic to see how many people were able to come out for all of these bands.

The first act of the afternoon was called Quantum Council. They are a four-piece band hailing from Vancouver. I was able to talk to them a little bit before and after their show. “We’re just trying to do something different,” Lee, the lead singer and synth/wave drum master told me after the show. It was different – but it was different in the most fantastic way.

Quantum Council is an amazing band that mixes alternative rock and rap, with a lot of electronic influences. All of the elements mix and meld together beautifully, producing a sound that’s not like anything I’ve really heard before. I think the closest thing would be reminding me of Linkin Park – one of my most favourite bands OF ALL TIME. In their whole set, my favourite song was the song they submitted to us for our compilation CD called the Pact.

After their performance, they were able to stick around and watch the other performances as well. These are stand up guys with a lot of energy and passion for everything that they’re doing. One-word descriptor for Quantum Council? Phenomenal. They also love cats as much as I do, which is pretty fantastic.

The Mozzy Lane Band was our second band of the afternoon. Listening to their demos, I felt that the Mozzy Lane Band fit perfectly with out two other bands. Mozzy Lane is composed of a husband and wife performing acoustically together. They played original songs and had covers as well, which were all very well received by our audience members. We were pretty fortunate to have them attending our show again as they have previously done it two years ago.

After their performance – as I said before, they were very well received – many audience members spoke to them to let them know about how fantastic of a job they did. They had the band members of Quantum Council dancing to their music. They had children look in awe at them – yes, if you work hard enough, you can be up on any stage you want, too!

Our final performance of the night was Klimbatize, a young four-piece alternative rock band from North Vancouver. I was able to actually sit with them and ask them a few questions about their music and the music scene in general – that blog post will be out shortly after this one! A few descriptors for Klimbatize: alternative – 90’s – Foo Fighters – rock n’ roll. They were very well received by members of the audience, especially young boys who wanted to rock out with them!

Overall, this was one of our most well attended evenings for the Cates Park Concert Series so far. It probably helps that the weather was all sun and there was not a cloud in the sky at all. We’ve still got a few concerts left in our concert series, and we’d love to have you there! Again, if you’d like to attend, it’s in Cates Park in North Vancouver. We are there every Saturday until August 27 from 4PM-7PM, bringing free live music! For more information, check us out at

Author: blackonthecanvas

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