Interview with Modern Me

By Harriet Kaplan
Photograph by Addie Briggs

Modern Me is a San Diego, CA-based indie rock band. Their sound is inspired by bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers, Vampire Weekend, and The 1975. They are independently releasing their debut EP Touch, which was produced by Adam Castilla of The Colourist, this Fall. BoC recently spoke to Modern Me via email interview to learn more about the band, the making of ‘tattoo worthy’ lyrics, and what it was like working with Adam Castilla.


Adam Lamah – Lead Vocals, Phoenyx Jones- Drums, Adam O’Nan- Bass, Michael Paez-Guitar, Shawn Kreitz-Guitar, Alyssa Everhart- vocals/keys

How long has Modern Me been together?

The band has been together since August of 2015.

Is everyone from San Diego?

Four of our members, Adam O’Nan, Adam Lamah, Michael and Phoenyx are from a small town called Fallbrook. Our guitarist Shawn is from Ramona, California and our singer/keys player Alyssa is from Oceanside California.

Adam O’Nan, Adam Lamah, Phoenyx and Michael all met in high school and had previously made music together. Alyssa and Adam Lamah met through another music project and we all met Shawn through a Facebook ad while searching through a second guitarist.

What makes Modern Me better than any other band you have been in?

Modern Me is a unique project that we are all very passionate about. This project is a lot different from anything we have previously done and has really challenged us as musicians. This genre is new to each member of the band and was very experimental. Modern Me was established in three months time, working in a very fast pace environment while creating the sound and we are really excited about what came of it.

How long has Touch been in the works?

We began pre production for Touch in August of 2015. We have spent the last year tracking in various studios in Southern California and mixing with our producer Adam Castilla of The Colourist.

What inspired the EP and its lyrics?

Adam Lamah: I wrote these lyrics while I was trying to figure out myself and the people that are and have been in my life. I was trying to figure out what exactly I believe in and what I am here for.” Touch is about personal relationships, the concept of heaven, and creating your own way.

How did you connect with Adam Castilla? What was that experience like? What did you get out of working with him the studio?

Adam Lamah: I was walking through the drum section of a guitar center and met the singer of a band he had previously worked with. He told me about Adam Castilla and I contacted him (Adam) about producing an EP for us. By the next month we were in pre-production. He challenged me as writer and really helped with the transition into Indie Rock music. He taught me a lot about dynamics and about writing lyrics that are ‘tattoo worthy’.

What is the San Diego music scene like?

The San Diego scene is very eclectic. Each venue caters towards specific genres the majority being Indie.

Has the band played live alot or toured at all?

We are waiting to perform as Modern Me until after our EP Touch is released.

What does everyone like to do in the spare time?

“I likes making lattes in my spare time and searching for new music”.- Phoenyx
“ I enjoy watching crime documentaries and reading crime blogs”. – Alyssa
“ I go to car shows with my old man”. – Adam O’Nan
“ I love sound engineering and cooking”.- Shawn
“ I enjoy political science and keeping up with current events”. – Michael
“ I skate and surf in my spare time” – Adam Lamah

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