Show Review: Sex, Cyncism, and Other Small Miracles

Sex, Cynicism, and Other Small Miracles

By Kyle Nutter

Photographs by Rick Perez


The New York International Fringe Festival celebrates emerging and innovative performances. Sex, Cynicism and Other Small Miracles is an unexpected show like finding a twenty in a pant’s pocket about to be put in the washer. It is a beautiful forlorn exposure to modern society and love with all its unpleasantness. I felt a little sad and very horny.


Sex, Cynicism and Other Small Miracles blends spoken word and rock & roll to a point where finger snapping and a mosh pit seem appropriate. It’s a performance relevant for anyone who has felt insecure. The fake shell of society and the anxiety it causes are cracked revealing that all anyone wants is to belong. We seek love to belong to someone. We’ll pursue hopeless love because if we attain that feeling even if only for a minute we’ve succeeded.


Sex, Cynicism and Other Small Miracles leaves audiences reevaluating life struggles. It reveals that most of those difficulties are superfluous. Quit censorship and let imagination run wild with the possibility of belonging whether that is to someone or maybe to yourself. This show gives the first step.





See Sex, Cynicism and Other Small Miracles at:



85 Avenue A (between 5th/6th)

Tues 23rd at 5:15pm

Fri 26th at 7pm





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