LISTEN: ‘Buddy’ by The Orwells

LISTEN: ‘BUDDY’ by The Orwells

By Julia Tolstrup

Ah, The Orwells. If ever there was a band that might make your parents shout, “turn that racket down!” The Orwells are it. They shot to fame after a wild appearance on David Letterman and were picked up as the opener for Arctic Monkeys for a handful of US shows. I was at one of those shows and witnessed the strange, disjointed energy that is this band.

And now they bring us “Buddy” a quick and dirty little tune to tide fans over ‘til the release of their next album in 2017. “Buddy” is very much in line with The Orwells past work. It is shouty and nearly unintelligible but that doesn’t make it bad. There are bands (like Arctic Monkeys) whose songs are so lyrics driven that they merit a sit down with a glass of good whiskey and a close listen. The Orwells are not one of those bands. They are instead the sort of thrashing, furious band that can whip a crowd into a frenzy in seconds flat. “Buddy” is short, like a thunderstorm. It sweeps through and in just over a minute leaves a trail of wreckage in its path. But, like, the good kind of wreckage. “Buddy” leaves you standing there with a sore neck wondering what the hell happened, which makes you need to play it again. And maybe again.


Author: blackonthecanvas

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