No Label-No Problems: 3 Keys To Marketing Your Music

No Label-No Problems: 3 Keys To Marketing Your Music

By Max Zinski

You have just recorded your most epic song yet. A bumpin’ beat and ear-catching lyricism should propel your song to the top. Only one problem… no one is listening!

There is a learned science to marketing your music effectively. Chance the Rapper’s incredible success has proven that independent musicians can make an impact on the music scene. These tips and tools will have your music on its way to exposure and viewership—without the support of a label or the use of a large marketing budget.

I co-founded Label Heroes, a company that believes in helping musicians be heard. My goal here is to give you actionable steps to help you market your music and grow your listener following.

Step 1: Validate Your Music

By validate, I mean have an unbiased review of your music to confirm that you are headed in the right direction.

If you have struggled with your music not getting listens, downloads, and exposure, you might have asked yourself, “Is my music not getting heard because I’m not marketing it well or is it not getting heard because it sucks?” Alright sucks might be a bit strong, but finding out if your music resonates with listeners in your target audience is crucial to improving your results.

Feedback from your target audience will give you insights into what listeners want to hear. Sure, you could ask your family or friends for their opinions on a song, but unbiased input is more constructive. Visit  and submit your newest epic song to validate your music. Your song will be heard and evaluated by ten real listeners and you will find what listeners in your genre think about your music. Additionally, your song will be ranked by how much people like it, making your viewership completely dependent on how good your music is.  Label Heroes is leveling the playing field between you and artists working with the biggest labels.

Figuring out how well your sound resonates with listeners is key to creating long-term, sustainable, buzz around your music. Take the first step to marketing your music, and get validated for free at

Step 2: Build Relationships with Listeners

Nowadays, growing your fanbase requires nurturing relationships with current and potential fans. Listeners following your musical development can act as advocates for you– attracting more followers in the process. Although this seems really abstract (and obvious!), there are some guidelines to follow which will help you engage with fans and listeners online.

You can build relationships with listeners over Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Online tools, like, can help you manage all your social media pages and keep track of fans who reach out to you.

Some ideas to get you started:

Reddit: AMA’s and answering questions about the music scene

Facebook: concert events, sharing general music news, and pictures

Twitter: reaching out directly to fans and music influencers

Instagram: Sharing pictures from your shows, jam sessions

Your social media followers are hungry for interactions with you. The more you can make these followers feel special by personally responding to their attention, the better. And remember, building relationships is an ongoing process, so one post will probably not have far-reaching results, but 10 or 100 can.

Step 3: Provide Value to Fans

The Golden Rule to building relationships with your fanbase online is to always provide value. This value can be from insightful news stories you share, answering questions, or creating original content. Providing consistent value to your followers will start to catch eyes and create advocates for your music brand. Additionally, more people will be paying attention when you make a promotional post about a new single, album, or upcoming show.

What form should your content and interactions be in? There are plenty of ways for you to create value for your followers. You could be answering questions about the music scene, sending exclusive early song releases to your biggest fans, or creating original youtube videos of you jamming out while showcasing your personality. The list goes on and on! Make the content, get it out on your social media pages, and monitor the results. The posts that will generate the biggest impact will be extremely memorable and sharable.

Check out this great slideshare by digital content experts to figure out what makes content “Sticky”. Providing value will lead to more attention around your music brand which will in turn lead to more listens, subscribes, and downloads.

Final Thoughts

The way to win fans’ attention and gain a following is to build relationships and provide topnotch value on a consistent basis. But first, you should validate your music at and confirm that what you are producing resonates with listeners. I encourage you to check out the additional resources I have attached to be on your way to marketing your music and being heard.

If you learned something from the article- share, comment, like, and best of luck in your musical endeavors!

Author: blackonthecanvas

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