Interview with Dead Leaf Echo

Interview with Dead Leaf Echo

Written by Rick Perez

Photography by Michael Cooper

Over the past three years, the Brooklyn shoe gaze band, Dead Leaf Echo, have been on multiple tours, supporting legends like Psychedelic Furs and Modern English.  In just a few weeks, these tour veterans will be embarking on a European adventure, playing at the best clubs and bars the continent has to offer.  BoC caught them before their departure and had them discuss which city they are most excited about playing. one thing they must take with them, and what their plans are after they return.

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Favorite festival you’ve played?

We love festivals, what can be more fun for a band than doing them? You usually get to link up with some of your favorite bands from when you were a kid. We’ve done SXSW so many times and this last time we played with Modern English. Desert Stars out in Joshua Tree was a real favorite amongst the band. We got to play with Swervedriver and Lou Barlow and David Newton from The Mighty Lemondrops even joined us on stage! Other big highlights have included Echo Fest which is a Detroit based psych fest (those kids in Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor know how to get down), O+ festival in Kingston (w/ Spiritualized in a church!) and Escape from Montauk with Patti Smith.

Favorite tour and why?

The west coast tour leading up to Desert Stars was pretty amazing. Even though our van broke down we still were able to enjoy an unexpected stop in college town Bellingham, WA. but missed our show at Doug Fir 🙁 We hit all our favorite cities on the west coast and even got up to Vancouver for the first time.  Our first EU tour last year was quite the highlight for our first go around. The shows were all great, the people incredibly welcoming and like-minded and just like everyone says, the beer was great and hospitality was super warm. 

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If Dead Leaf Echo could make a cocktail for BoC, which ingredient would each member throw in?

LG: Mezcal
Kevin: Varnelli Del’erboista
Ana: St Germain and 3 limes
Steve: Ice

You are touring Europe later this month.  Which cities are you stopping at?

In Denmark we’re going to Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen. Then we’re going to Brussells and then in Germany were going to Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Bielfeld, Cologne and Dresden.

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Which city are you the most excited about playing?

Kevin: Copenhagen
Steve: Excited about all of them and and also going to the new cities.
Ana: We made friends in every city, Cologne, Bielfeld, Liepzig so I’m excited to go back and see everyone again

LG: Berlin for being Berlin. Cologne for its history, Bielefeld for its charm, Copenhagen for it’s beauty, I walked thru Belgium shortly after the bombings last year and felt a real movement coming from the people as they marched on the parliament. Everyone finds out you’re from New York and then they wanna talk politics. We’ve talked Goverment till we’re blue in the face and everyone I’ve met for the most part in our travels there has the same political mindset, which is lovely but sometimes you just wanna talk architecture for a change, ya know? 

For each member, what is one thing you must take with you on tour (besides toothbrush, etc)?

Steve: Cell phone charger, power converters
Kevin: Neck Pillow, Copy of Brothers Karamazov
Ana: Lots and lots of Eyeliner and a little pack of Kleenex. Pro move so you’re always prepared if the toilet paper is out! 
LG: my fave guitar picks and a book. Rotating between another rock bio or a some existential novel.  Last year I read Don DeLio’s “White Noise” for the 3rd time on the bus last year and Chrissie Hynde’s “Reckless”

After the tour, what’s next for Dead Leaf Echo?

We get back and go right into Brooklyn’s Northside Festival. Hoping for a fun summer with some shows and more recording and then our 2nd LP comes out in the fall!

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