Interview with CFM

Interview with CFM

Written by Amanda Poznyakov

Have you ever met an artist who believes in what he creates? With his new album, Dichotomy Desaturated, Charles Moothart, also known as CFM, gives music lovers a chance to feel when they listen. The California based artist grew up around music, which shows his passion in the lyrics he writes. I was able to talk to Charles about his new album, current tour, and the impact his music is leaving on the world.

How would you describe the type of music you write?

That’s hard. The easiest umbrella is rock and roll. I kind of think of it as a lot of things I like and listen to which fall into that category.

What have been your best experiences on tour so far?

With this band, everything is a new experiment and everything is positive. We’re just trying to figure out what we’re doing and figuring out relationships, new songs, different cities, and that is the most exciting part of it. We’re growing and changing. It’s just a whole new experiment, everything that we’re doing. We’re all lucky enough to be traveling and just playing music.

While being on tour, what makes you feel at home?

Just small different weird things. Just having my morning rituals, like being able to have a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Maybe have a hangout and chill for a second, like collect my thoughts. I also really like driving a lot, so uh, I drive a lot of times. which is nice so you can get in your head and focus on what you’re doing but also where you’re going and what the next place is. Some people aren’t into that, so I feel lucky that I like that and it’s a big part of what we do.

What do you think your goals are for this tour?

I don’t know, I just want to continue to grow musically and just have a group of people get better at playing together, so we can kind of figure out our thing, ya know? Make something that feels unique and exciting. Just being able to spread the good word. That’s kind of all I hope for is to be a positive influence on my surroundings. But otherwise just grow stronger as a band and keep trying to keep it interesting.

So do you think that is your goal for after the tour as well, keep spreading your music and hopefully go on more tours?

I think that is generally my goal in life until being on tour is no longer an option. The goal will always be to be growing as a musician and shoving positive energy into the collective consciousness. I hope that never changes.

Is there any artist that when you listen to their music, you take something away from it?

I’m always interested in how everybody does things. That can be anyone from someone who is playing songs on the side of the street, something that jumps out at me and I’m like, “woah that sounds cool”. When you look at the lineages of music, everyone is influenced by everything. My thing about influences and that I have kind of realized that influences make way to the song that only the player or the songwriter would know. Sometimes you can say that “this is a song I wrote to sound like this” and someone would be like “oh what? that doesn’t sound anything like that.” Which is cool. You should take your own spin on it. Hopefully everybody takes things from everybody because we’re all creating and making music. No one should be just ripping people off. But the reality is, we’re all collectively putting out material into the world. You can’t pretend that that’s not a reality.

How did you come up with the name for your new album, Dichotomy Desaturated?

Esthetically I think both words represent a certain side of that record and what it all means. And they kind of have a similar emotional side. Dichotomy has to do with the dichotomies of everything around us. Whether it is  conversationally between two people, one word has two meanings. Dichotomy of people deal with whether it is social or political, the whole world is one. Desaturated is more of an ironic song about someone being in a grey scale mentality, not having choices of color. Just black, white, or in between. For me those two kind of just go together. That is the deeper meaning behind it but it’s also just two songs on the record and I think they sounded good together.

What was your inspiration for this album?

The main inspiration for the record was to just see how far songwriting can be pushed. The main inspiration was self criticism and self doubt. Hoping to break some barriers and kind of put everything out on the table. This is where artwork comes from today, trying to be as vulnerable as possible really which was the main inspiration.

How do you think this album is different from the music that you’ve written in the past?

Well it is more vulnerable. I think that music right now is in a very interesting phase. In a lot of ways it’s awesome and in a lot of ways it’s weird because these types of “garage rock”, or whatever you want to call it, it is oversaturated and totally insane. The main idea is to try to create something that is completely yourself and try to be vulnerable which is the biggest difference with anything I have ever been a part of.  Not to say that things i have been a part of before weren’t vulnerable or whatever but this is the most vulnerable I can be. I think that anybody around me and anybody that I respect or play music with can say the same. It’s all about saying that it’s not about what people should expect it’s doing what feels right and hopefully in the long run that is what is appreciated about it, but it’s also scary at the same time.

How would you personally define success in the music industry?

I don’t even know, honestly. I don’t think I can even define that, I think that luckily I am able to work with people where I have seen the side of all that. Luckily, most people I work with and anybody I know works with are completely outside of any “industry” vibe. I don’t even know what the music industry is at this point. I think that the idea of reaching some kind of success can only really be quantified by yourself and whether or not you are enjoying it. People quantify it in all these different ways and it’s hard to get into. It’s hard to not sound super judgmental but it’s totally a hard thing to even quantify and it has to be within yourself, whether you’re happy with where you are at and what you’re doing.

What can we expect from CFM in the future?

Hopefully some nasty ass shit. We’re gonna write another CFM record in the coming month and hopefully it’s just nasty. That’s all I can say, I don’t even know what to expect from myself from tomorrow.


CFM should be wrapping up the tour in the middle of July but that isn’t it! Expect to be hearing a lot more from Charles and the positivity that his music has on us!

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