Interview with Bison

Interview with Bison

Written by Emmy Clinch


Photograph by Montgomery Sheridan

And they were there, before everyone else. Before the Euro trash. Before the farmers, the hunters, the peasants, the noblemen. Before the steel. Before the disease. Before the east indians. Maybe even before the west indians. Before the vikings. Before the forests were taken. Before the folly of man. They were everywhere. In the woods, the mountains, the prairies, the rivers, the swamps, the caves, the clouds, the geysers, and yes, the moon. They were there, before everyone else. And they were Bison

Emily: How did Bison get started?

KC – At college we first started playing when Charlie and I met in a music class, I went home for a semester and turns out we both grew up pretty nearby each other in New Jersey.  We played some music at home and decided we wanted to try and start something.  A few months later Charlie invited Fabian to come play with us one day and we started writing songs from there.


Emily- How did you come up with the name Bison?

 Charlie – We came up with the name Bison after I read a book about the natural history of North America.  One chapter of the book was about the bison and how they used to inhabit the entire continent before european colonization.  We were inspired by this story because of the extreme change in the animals population due to the introduction of modern humanity and their influence on natural systems.  It was such a powerful story that we decided that using the name Bison would help create a legacy for the animal and its origin on this continent.


Emily- Did you guys come from musical households growing up?

 KC – I don’t think any one of our families were particularly musical, but we all took an interest at a young age when different relatives or friends introduced us to knew music, and we decided we wanted to do that and play music.


Emily- How has the Burlington Music scene helped develop your sound?

KC – Being exposed to so many different types of music is a great thing about the burlington music scene, and you never know what inspiration might strike. The best part about the Burlington scene is how supportive it is. It is easy to find people here who like what you are doing and support your own work.


Emily- What advice would you give to up and coming Nomadic Disco Punk bands?

Fabian – Just send it.


Emily- What is your creative process like while creating songs?

KC – Our writing process is entirely collaborative. One person might get an idea of a little melody or phrase, and then we just sit together at practice and keep playing it over and over changing parts or things until we have a final product we’re happy with, sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes a year.


Emily- What do you do to stay creative?

 Charlie – We’re always listening to and going to see new music. We’re also all involved in various other projects, so playing with different musicians also gives us a fresh perspective on things to bring back to Bison.


Emily- I hear that you guys played your first set at the Waking Windows festival this year! How was it?

Fabian – We actually played Waking Windows last year too! This year was awesome though, there was a great crowd and we had a lot of fun.


Emily- Now that all of you have graduated, do you have any specific future plans for Bison?

We’re going to keep writing music and playing shows.  Focus on making our sound more and more cohesive and creating the textures we want to hear! Recorded at The Gnomehaus

Recording engineers: Walker Allen and Tim Woos

Mixing engineer: Tim Woos

Assistant mixing engineers: Dan Rome & Calvin Lane

Mastered by Rob O’Dea at the Tank Studio


Emily- How does your new album differ from your older music?

Charlie – Our new record is a clear progression from our first EP.  Certainly continuing the sound that we like and call our own.  We feel that this record reflects what we have done with our songwriting and where it is going as well.  We hope that people who know our first EP can appreciate that progression and that anyone who hears our music for the first time finds their own connection to it.


Emily- I have heard that you guys have a new tour coming up! Where do you plan on going? Will you be touring with any other bands?

 Charlie – We’ll be touring with our Soul Wave brother Guthrie Galileo, and we’ll be heading around the East Coast from New York to Portland with three to four stops along the way.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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