Interview with The Gospel Youth

Interview with The Gospel Youth

Written by Amanda Poznyakov



America isn’t ready for the new artists who played Vans Warped Tour this summer. One band in particular, all the way from the UK, has left a huge mark to the US so far. The Gospel Youth has made their way to the Full Sail stage at Warped and had gathered fans at every state they played at. The lead singer, Samuel Little, has been compared to Brenden Urie from Panic At The Disco. When I first listened to his voice, I was completely surprised with the type of music they play. You can say it’s pop rock, but I truly don’t think they should be listed under a genre. Both Samuel and the drummer of the band, Kurt, explain their past in music, the honesty behind their songs, and touring in both the US and UK.

How did you guys start out in music?

Samuel: I was actually bullied into it. It’s a long story but I was actually on my way home from school and singing along to a CD and the kids in the year above me told me that I can sing and I was like no I can’t. They gave me the CD on their CD player and were like, “learn this song by tomorrow or you’re dead.” And being 12 years old, I was like ‘OK Sure’. Then I ended up going the next day singing it in front of everyone and was that weird kid that was bullied into learning songs.

Kurt: I was definitely a lot happier than that. My brother played guitar and joked with me that if I learned to play drums one day we can start a band. I’ve liked it from day one and just carried on.

How would you guys describe your music?

Kurt: I’m not too sure to be honest.

Samuel: Not completely terrible.

Kurt: It’s honest I guess, like when it comes to song writing, its always like, Jules the guitarist he writes what he wants to hear. He’s got a broader spectrum of inspirations. This is heavy shit, this is the pop shit.

Samuel: The way it tends to be is that Julian will have an idea and we’ll create it together. But he’s responsible for a lot of it. I sing and I do lyrics and stuff but he’s responsible for the actual music.

What influences you when you write music?

Samuel: I try to keep everything as honest as I can. I think there’s more to life than just having a good time. Everyone can at least own up to the fact that shit gets real.

What keeps you grounded on tour, specifically in the US?

Kurt: We try to be as English as possible. We can be really horrible to each other. We actually ran into another English band from London, and it was the first English conversation I’ve had in a month.

Samuel: By English conversation he means mostly swearing. I don’t know it’s like we’ve had to change a lot of what we do. Get used to the heat, driving on the other side of the road. Even American lingo. There’s little things we’ve had to change and it’s weird because about a month and a half now. I’m worried when I get home some things would have to be readjusted.

What would be your best experience at Warped?

Kurt: I guess watching the bands we grew up listening too. Outside Warped Tour, we got to do some really cool touristy shit. Being at the Grand Canyon was great and actually genuinely being in Vegas was pretty sick.

Samuel: Just a bunch of surreal moments. Like eating dinner with Silverstein, bands that we literally idolize.

What are your goals for this tour?

Samuel: We didn’t really have much expectations. I mean we’re a small band, not many people know who we are to be fair. Even after this who knows. But we just wanted to come out here, show people what we’re about, make some friends, have a good time. I guess two months solidly playing shows is going to refine you somewhat. I think we’re definitely stronger than when we first started.

So how do you feel about your new album?

Samuel: We’re super super proud of it.

Kurt: I don’t think any of us were expecting to get the response that it did.

Samuel: It’s crazy, even in this point in time we don’t write music for money or anything like that. It’s therapy for us. We love it. For us to be able to write an album of songs that people actually give a shit about is just amazing.

Their music is loved because of the honest feelings that people get as they listen to their music. The New Jersey location that I had attended for Warped, during their set, there was a couple who was eager to hear the band play. The music from the bands new album, Always Lose, had brought together this couple. Watching how the band’s performance moved this couple to tears, really lets you see how their music keeps an everlasting effect on listeners. Always Lose is out now, give it a listen!

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